Flip-Flop: Snow and Cold Out West, Record Heat in Central and Southern US

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In a weather flip-flop, the west is experiencing an abundance of cold weather and snow, while the central and southern portions of the US will be experiencing record or near-record heat with temperatures soaring into the 90s; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecasts.

Snow and cold out west

The west isn’t known for cold, especially not in spring, but that’s what’s on tap for today. At least 9 western states will see snow and/or mixed precipitation on Thursday.

In California, snow fell yesterday and will continue to fall over the Sierras and some of the southern mountains. Snow will fall over the central and southern portions of Nevada, most of Utah, and Wyoming, the western half of California, the north-central portion of Colorado, and portions of northern Idaho and Montana.

Mixed precipitation will fall over areas of southern and central California, northern and eastern Arizona, western and central New Mexico, southern Nevada, western Washington, and eastern Wyoming.

Temperatures will also be on the low side in the west, and even some of the deserts in southern California and places like Tucson, Arizona, highs won’t climb out of the 60s.

Record heat will hit 90s in the central and southern US

Some heat records may be broken today, while temperatures will be near record in many areas across the central and southeast portions of the country today.

In Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is expected to reach 90 degrees this afternoon, only one degree short of the record of 91 set over 100 years ago in 1909. Lubbock is expected to reach 93, Brownsville 92, and San Antonio 91.

The heat will also extend to portions of the central US, Oklahoma City will see a high of 92 degrees today. Temperatures will also be warm in other areas throughout the South, as Houston will reach 89, New Orleans 89, and Memphis 84.

Florida will see soaring temperatures today and the heat will continue, with records expected to be broken over the weekend.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 57, Los Angeles 63, Reno 43, Las Vegas 61, Salt Lake City 43, Denver 68.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 50, Portland 55, Boise 45, Billings 48, Cheyenne 53, Bismarck 49, Rapid City 42.

Southwest: Phoenix 70, Tucson 68, Albuquerque 68, El Paso 85, San Antonio 91, Brownsville 92.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 93, Dallas 86, Oklahoma City 92, Kansas City 64, Minneapolis 49, Madison 47.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 50, St. Louis 71, Indianapolis 64, Detroit 59, Cincinnati 71.

South: Houston 89, New Orleans 89, Memphis 84, Atlanta 74, Charlotte 67, Jacksonville 83, Tampa 88, Miami 84.

East: Norfolk 61, Washington, D.C. 61, Buffalo 56, New York 55, Boston 50, Bangor 41.