Strong Severe Storms to Span Southern US On Sunday, Snow in North


A wide-spanning storm will extend from Texas to the southeast coast and along the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.

This will bring a level-3 threat to much of the South; plus, snowstorms in the North on Friday and today’s weather forecast.

Widespread severe storm threat on Sunday

Strong storms will extend from Texas into the Carolinas, along the Gulf of Mexico and across the Panhandle in northern Florida on Sunday. A severe threat Level-3 exists for portions of Eastern Texas, the midsection of Louisiana, southern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, as well as Southwestern South Carolina and the Florida Panhandle.

A Severe Level-3 is referred to as an “enhanced risk,” which is defined as numerous severe storms, widespread and more persistent with a few intense storms. Threats include the possibility of likely wind damage, 1-2 inch hail, and a few or several isolated tornadoes.

One more round of snow for the northern US

At least one more round of snow is coming to the northern US today and will linger into tomorrow in some areas. A band of snow showers will deliver accumulation to portions of the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley on Friday to southeastern Iowa, northeastern Missouri, southern Wisconsin, southern Michigan, Northern Illinois, northern Indiana, and northern Ohio.

The Northeast will also receive some snow accumulation on Friday in portions of northern Pennsylvania, central and southern New York, Massachusetts, southern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Southwest Maine.

Snow showers will continue on Saturday for portions of southern and eastern New York, Western Massachusetts, the southern halves of Vermont and New Hampshire, and southwestern Maine.

Today’s US forecast and high temperatures

West: San Francisco 59, mostly cloudy; Los Angeles 68, partly cloudy; Reno 63, mostly cloudy; Las Vegas 80, partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 57, mostly sunny; Denver 52, sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 69, mostly cloudy; Medford 78, sunny; Boise 61, sunny; Billings 58, windy; Bismarck 57, windy; Rapid City 53, partly cloudy.

Southwest: Phoenix 87, mostly sunny; Albuquerque 70, partly cloudy; El Paso 82, partly cloudy; San Antonio 74, thunderstorms; Brownsville 88, cloudy.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 60, cloudy; Dallas 67, cloudy; Oklahoma City 57, partly cloudy; Kansas City 47, cloudy; Minneapolis 49, mostly sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 40, snow; St. Louis 49, rain; Detroit 37, snow; Cincinnati 55, rain.

South: Houston 81, thunderstorms; New Orleans 79, mostly cloudy; Memphis 72, thunderstorms; Atlanta 76, partly cloudy; Charlotte 73, mostly sunny; Jacksonville 78, partly cloudy; Tampa 85, cloudy; Miami 83, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 69, mostly sunny; Washington, D.C. 60, mostly cloudy; Buffalo 40, snow; New York City 52, mixed precipitation; Boston 52, snow; Bangor 40, partly cloudy.