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Winter weather will continue bringing snow to the west, around the Great Lakes and northeast today, while thunderstorms will span from Texas, across the southeast, and into the northeast all the way to Maine, with heavy rain bringing the risk of flooding in the Deep South; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecast.

Snow in the West, Great Lakes, and Northeast

Snow will continue in the West today and through Sunday. The area of snowfall will affect portions of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Mexico on Friday.

On Saturday, the area of snowfall in the west will expand greatly to include a greater portion of Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, as well as nearly three-quarters of Montana.

Snowfall will also occur around the Great Lakes region affecting northern Wisconsin and Michigan on Friday.

Freezing rain will occur in northern Maine on Friday, but a chance of snow is possible in the northernmost regions of the northeast. Saturday brings a reprieve, but Sunday is forecast to bring snow to northern Pennsylvania and throughout New York state.

Thunderstorms from Texas to Maine, flooding possible

A large swath of thunderstorm activity will span from Texas, throughout the south, into the southeast and north toward Maine.

The thunderstorm will affect all of the southern states, however, only the Florida Panhandle is included, extends into the Ohio Valley including Illinois, Indiana and Ohio; as well as all of the Northeast states from the Virginians, Delaware and all the way North into Maine.

Flooding threat

Flooding due to heavy rainfall will be a threat in an area that extends from eastern Texas, south Dallas, and north and west of Houston, across the northern half of Louisiana, southern Arkansas, central and southwest Mississippi, and a small portion of west-central Alabama.

A flood warning has also been issued for central Ohio today.

Severe thunderstorms damaging winds

Portions of Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire are under the threat of damaging winds and severe storms today.

Earlier today two counties in Ohio were under tornado warnings that have since been canceled.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 62, Los Angeles 65, Reno 48, Las Vegas 61, Salt Lake City 49, Denver 32.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 61, Portland 66, Boise 57, Billings 37, Cheyenne 26, Bismarck 21, Rapid City 32.

Southwest: Phoenix 69, Albuquerque 59, El Paso 71, San Antonio 69, Brownsville 88.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 54, Dallas 66, Oklahoma City 48, Kansas City 39, Minneapolis 33, Madison 36.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 43, St. Louis 62, Detroit 64, Cincinnati 70, Indianapolis 66.

South: Houston 78, New Orleans 83, Memphis 72, Atlanta 77, Charlotte 84, Jacksonville 88, Tampa 89, Miami 80.

East: Norfolk 66, Washington, D.C. 79, Buffalo 61, New York 75, Boston 69, Bangor 44.