People Who Hilariously Ignored All Safety Precautions And Paid The Price

People Who Hilariously Ignored All Safety Precautions And Paid The Price

If you’re going to sacrifice safety for speed at your job, you might as well make sure your coworkers are there to take a picture. Get ready to clench your sphincter and do that thing where you suck air through your teeth out loud, because you’re about to see some grade-A bad decisions. Nobody report these to OSHA…

Pick Your Danger

Somebody’s dad must be an adrenaline junkie! Why else would they rig this dangerous solo car repair mission, where there’s a choice of which massive piece of machinery could potentially fall first? Whether the car or the forklift, neither has a pretty end result.

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Hang On

The guy on the left just wants to feel like he’s helping, while the guy in the middle window is about one sweaty palm away from a serious loss of grip. Guess that’s why they needed to fix the AC.

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This Can’t End Well

Never, under any circumstances, stick any part of your body into the mouth of a wood chipper. That’s Outdoorsman 101, which this guy clearly skipped. If something gets stuck, use a stick or log to push it.

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Didn’t Think That Through

Yes, you should always have a face shield on standby you use power tools — particularly when there are sparks shooting up — but it should be made of rigid plastic, ideally, as opposed to something that would catch fire the moment a spark touched it.

KotAufmBrot / Reddit

Who Follows Codes?

Codes? The person responsible for this soon-to-be disaster surely hasn’t heard of them. No, as long as there are just a few inches of rain in the forecast, it should be alright, or whatever we need to tell ourselves to ease the worry.

hellbent54 / Reddit

Don’t Slip

The kitten-neck-scruff method is never an advisable way to dangle several stories off the ground, but it’s even less appealing when the guys holding the scruff have nothing to secure themselves with but loose rebar.

chylin73 / Reddit

In Over His Head

Someone make this person watch Fargo, so they never attempt this dangerous stunt ever again. For some inexplicable reason, this daredevil decided to lay headfirst inside a woodchipper, and it really doesn’t look like anyone forced him to do so.

JakesFriendsBrother / Reddit

That Looks Hot

One of these nuts is not like the other, and don’t touch them to find out. Whatever that red-hot nut is holding in place is also looking a little fire hazardous.

kanodonn / Reddit

Nobody Move

We can already see it happening: The guy on the left gets tired just for a split second, or out of sheer habit, reaches for his pocket to check his phone, shifting his weight…

kashir009 / Reddit

There’s Gotta Be A Better Way

All we can see here is that inevitable moment where the cardboard collapses and this piece of machinery goes crashing down. Whoever’s arm that is stitching out of the trench had better hope that the old refrigerator box holds strong.

vaayb / Reddit


Hope there’s no fire any time soon at the Hobby Lobby, because unless they have Flat Stanley on staff, there is no employee who’s going to be able to get out that door.

Boydapalooza / Reddit

Sizzle Sizzle

The orange dish at the bottom is an eyewash station, where you can rinse your eyes in case you get chemicals in them. Since it shoots two jets of water up like a fountain, it wasn’t smart to put it beneath the outlet.


One Gust of Wind…

Angela Nikolau, the girl in this picture, apparently likes to gamble with her life for photo opportunities, climbing to the highest places she can find with no safety harness. Makes our palms sweat thinking about it.

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We hope this guy doesn’t have any enemies living on this road: all they’d have to do is nudge that piece of wood a little. Even a runaway soccer ball could do some massive damage here.

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Overkill Or Ingenious?

Here’s why you should always book a lawn maintenance service when you go away on vacation. You don’t want to come back home to an overgrown jungle and have to resort to something ridiculous like this.

MrObvious / Reddit

Risky Nap

Look, when you have young kids at home, this photo makes way more sense. Sometimes it just seems like there’s no place on planet Earth you can escape for five minutes’ peace, so out the window you go.

bored_rebel / Reddit

Manhole Or Three-Man-Hole

They say you never truly know a guy until you’ve held him upside down in a manhole. It’s a real classic as far as bonding activities go. Bonus points for his good character if he doesn’t let one rip in your face.

wontbemad / Reddit


There’s no way this workday ended without somebody getting wet, dropping their keys in the river, or having a near miss with either of the former. Plus, the guy in the bucket is doing just fine; why’d they need the ladder?

tony70 / Reddit

Better Than Nothing

Here’s another guy who MacGyvered his own face shield, and we’re pleased to say he’s done a much better job of it than that other guy with the plastic bag. Visibility might be low through that opaque bucket, but what’re ya gonna do…

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Long Way Down

It’s important to make sure your ladder is stable, or not if you’re this guy! Jokes aside, let’s hope it’s the homeowner risking their safety to clown around on the chimney. As the next photos show, people are more likely to make stupid mistakes when it comes to their own property.

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This woman’s husband warned her to not step on the drywall in the attic when she went to bring down the Christmas tree. When all was said and done she confessed, “I didn’t know what dry wall was.” You learn something new everyday!

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Yard Trouble

This might look like some avant-garde contemporary art piece, or maybe that the family dog tore the place up. But this is what happens when someone mistakes the weed killer for weed and feed lawn fertilizer.

hilltophermit / Reddit

A Little Crooked

“How hard can it be?” this homeowner probably thought after watching an HGTV renovation marathon. It just goes to show: those load-bearing walls are pretty important after all.

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Blown Away

On especially windy days, it makes sense to tie down the lighter objects in your yard. However, we don’t think this homeowner ever expected their outdoor grill would blow 30 feet and land directly in their pool.

sleepybuddha44 / Reddit

Check For Splinters

Wooden toilet seats may seem like an easy way to spruce up your bathroom, but as this homeowner learned, they’re not exactly the sturdiest. Let’s just hope they didn’t walk away with any splinters!

Mayungi / Reddit

Midnight Surprise

Picture this: you’re on your usual run for a late-night snack in your fridge. Tummy rumbling, you excitedly yank the door open — only to have it fly completely off its hinges. Looks like another night of Ritz crackers peanut butter for you!

ItsMeMurphYSlaw / Reddit

Stuck At Home

There’s nothing worse than getting locked out of your apartment, so it’s fortunate that this guy was at home when his door handle decided it felt more like a knob. If that’s not a great excuse to play hooky from work or school, then we don’t know what is.

Kyscool / Reddit

Perfect Timing

This homeowner is actually the innocent party this time around. As they were admiring their brand new electric stove, the cabinets above decided to break loose and came crashing down. Kids, we’re having pizza tonight!

thorisadog / Reddit

Too Cocky

This self-proclaimed handyman believed he was more than capable of replacing one of his home’s doors. His wife told him he should measure, though he responded by claiming, “All doors are the same size.” Now, he better measure the dog house because that’s where he’ll be for the foreseeable future.

BlahMehUgh / Reddit

Gonna Need a Backhoe

Nobody likes sweeping up dirt, but when you have several tons of Mother Earth flooding your basement, you don’t exactly have a choice. Unfortunately, we don’t think a broom is going to cut it for this job.

drkwtrs / Reddit

Oh, The Irony

This homeowner was caught completely off guard when a howling alarm began sounding from their smoke detector. They quickly learned that the machine itself had caught fire. Now that’s a heated situation!

aeon_city / Reddit

Makeshift Alarm Clock

Some people stick with the traditional clock alarm to wake themselves up, but this girl has something much more effective. A scare like that is also a great replacement for caffeine.

Scaulbylausi / Reddit

Poor Placement

You can never plan ahead for the next at-home catastrophe, though at least you can see some of them coming. No, this shattered toilet wasn’t the work of a Hot Pocket: it’s what happens when a potted plant is hung in the bathroom.

hinrichs98 / Reddit

Forgetful Mess

There’s nothing like a refreshing sip of a chilled Diet Coke. That moment, however, is sure to be ruined when you forget that the can is in there and almost all of the soda splatters across the freezer. Have fun with the cleanup!

dim-pap / Reddit

One Tall Kitty

This homeowner thought she had everything perfectly in place, even the adorable cat tail design. But unless her kitty can jump 7ft in the air, it’s probably going to have to wait for someone to open the door.

jetaimezombies / Reddit

Tough as Nails

Failing to hammer a nail always translates to comedy gold: thumbs bruised, crotches hit, and even one cartoon eyeball poked courtesy of Homer Simpson. This, however, is either a case of some doubly bad luck, or that’s one strong nail!

-herekitty_kitty- / Reddit

Messy Décor

This couple was all set to start painting and decorating their new home — then, someone accidentally dropped a can of Eggshell White. At least they can play it off as an abstract art piece: it represents the anguish of homeownership.

Marleyyy_S / Reddit

Can’t Stand The Heat

Most yards usually suffer in the summer heat, but in Australia, it gets so hot that patio lights can actually start melting. Unless you’re a fan of sticky hands, this definitely wouldn’t be a day for an ice cream cone!

disnerdbeth / Reddit

Unfortunate Finale

When it came time for this renter to move on from the little flat where she’d been living, nothing made her more excited than the thought of getting her deposit back. For two years she’d kept everything spick and span — then, as she was moving out, she accidentally smashed her oven. Moving sucks.

cheekibreekio / Reddit

20. Oh Well

When buying a new home, it’s probably a good idea to check for any 30-foot wells under the foundation. This homeowner was none the wiser, and they wound up making headlines after accidentally plunging into the water below!

ItsJustGrandpa / Reddit