Rhea Perlman Opened Up About Her Reluctance To Divorce Danny DeVito

Rhea Perlman Opened Up About Her Reluctance To Divorce Danny DeVito

In the list of perfect celebrity pairings, we all thought Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito were the real deal. Their relationship stretched through most of their lives, then suddenly, the news broke that they’d called it quits.

Was it infidelity? Had the romance gone stale? Was there any hope that they’d mend it? No one seemed sure. Though, after two years of sitting on the separation, Rhea finally got candid about why she won’t ever sign the papers to end her marriage to Danny DeVito.

Instant Connection

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito hit it off the moment they met. It was 1971; Rhea sat in the audience of her friend’s play. Instead of focusing on her pal, her attention stuck with the stocky guy on stage, a comedic natural.

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Moving In

After the show, Rhea was introduced to Danny and both could sense their wickedly funny personalities had found an instant match. Throwing caution to the wind, they moved in together just two weeks later. 

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The Best Of Friends

Best friends didn’t begin to describe it. For 12 years, Rhea and Danny built their relationship on mutual respect and genuine fun. It wasn’t until 1982 that they’d officially swapped vows becoming husband and wife.

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Starting A Family

Once the rings were on their fingers, Rhea and Danny decided to expand their family. They had two daughters, Lucy and Grace, and a son Jacob. Adding kids to the mix only strengthened their bond; the DeVitos were happy.

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Sharing The Screen

The world got a taste of what it must be like as a fly on the Devito Perlman’s wall during the couple’s shared moments onscreen. In his breakout sitcom role on Taxi, husband and wife played opposite one another as love interests.

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Casting Genius

When he found himself in the director’s chair for the fantastical children’s book adaptation Matilda, Danny made the perfect casting decision placing himself and Rhea as the wryly dysfunctional Wormwoods. Despite their character’s rottenness, they were easy to like.

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Sitcom Icon

As Rhea racked up Emmys for performance as the tough sarcastic waitress Carla on the sitcom Cheers, she had a loving supportive partner who was just as busy compiling an eclectic variety of film projects and dabbling behind the camera.


Taking Over Hollywood

Danny showed versatility jumping into films after his sitcom success. Whether he was hamming it up in comedies like Twins, and Throw Mama From The Train, or taking on the role of the hairbrained bad guys in blockbuster vehicles, he climbed comfortably into household name status. 

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Beating The Odds

On the shortlist of healthy happy couples in show business, Rhea and Danny’s names were always at the top of the list. Their relationship proved that it’s possible to make something last with a grin on your face in such a shallow, tumultuous industry.


Shocking Split

So it stunned everybody when the couple announced their separation in October of 2012. Neither Danny or Rhea publicly acknowledged the split, though sources close to the family pointed to the fact that their kids were grown and out of the house.

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Time To Cool Off

Tempers that flared between the famous parents were brushed under the rug for the sake of their children — not anymore. Still, five months apart to cool off and reexamine their thoughts was enough to make Danny and Rhea rekindle their romance in March of 2013.

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Wandering Eye

What could come between them after 40 years together? Rumors surfaced that Rhea finally had enough of Danny’s wandering eye. The actor might not be regarded for leading man good looks, but his charisma and charm are apparently just as effective with the ladies.

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Thriving Careers

It looked like the prospect of splitting up for good triggered a new chapter for Rhea and Danny. Their careers were still thriving, with Danny winning a brand new legion of fans from his role as Frank on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Calling It For Good

Their rekindling was amicably snuffed out in March of 2017 when Danny and Rhea agreed that it was better for both of them to walk away. They filed for a legal separation and for the first time since the early seventies and divided their house keys.

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Still On Good Terms

For the first time in their children’s lives, Mom and Dad were living separately. Luckily, Rhea and Danny were on the exact same page when it came to their family dynamic. No one was angry or harboring resentments. 

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What’s Their Secret?

After decades of answering the question “what’s the secret for a lasting marriage in Hollywood?” Rhea and Danny could officially give an honest and effective answer. For them, living separately made a heck of a difference.

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Unfinished Business

Separation is a tragic blow for most people’s marriage, however, Danny and Rhea aren’t your average couple. During an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, Rhea gave an answer to why she and Danny haven’t yet signed divorce papers.

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A Good Place

Now that they don’t share the same home, Rhea feels like her relationship with her sort-of ex has exponentially improved. The final step of ending the marriage isn’t necessary, “We agree on things enough, so why [ruin] that with the yucky things that come with a divorce?”

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Better With Distance

“It’s much better because all of the tense stuff is gone, it’s not in your face, I’m not in his, he’s not in mine,” Rhea continued. She explained that since taking the plunge to separate, their communication is better than it was during their last five years of marriage.

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Pressure Is Off

Danny offered the same sentiments about Rhea during a red carpet interview. Even without the added pressure of pleasing a spouse, he said he and Rhea remain extremely close friends. The busy actors have a mutual understanding, which helps in a showbiz marriage. 

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A Friend To Lean On

When Danny needs an extra shoulder to cry on that isn’t his pseudo-ex-wife Rhea, he turns to his best friend of many decades, Michael Douglas. The two have been tight since meeting at acting school in the ’60s, and they share everything with each other. In fact, Douglas even clued DeVito into one pretty intimate detail about his own marriage.


Marriage Agreement

Douglas confessed that if he and his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, were ever to divorce, she would receive $2.8 million a year from her ex. Should they divorce because he cheated, she would get a $5 million bonus! Having never signed a pre-nup himself, DeVito was a little stunned by this admission. But believe it or not, things get even more absurd.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

The Facebook founder and pediatrician is valued at $74.6 billion, so it’s no wonder they signed a prenup. In it, Zuckerberg agreed to take Chan out on a date once a week and promised her 100 minutes of alone time a week outside the office or the home.

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Valued at $248 million, this all-star couple is taking no chances! When they signed their prenup, they made sure to add a clause that immediately gives Biel $500,000 if Timberlake ever cheats on her!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

These celebrity Aussies are worth $205 million, and Kidman’s prenuptial agreement aimed to protect them both. Since Urban struggled with alcohol and cocaine addiction, he is entitled to $600,000 for every year they are together—provided he remains sober.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

This powerhouse duo is worth $1.6 billion. Beyonce is entitled to $5 million for every kid they have together. The prenup also says that she gets $10 million if the marriage ends before two years and $1 million a year for every year they remained married up to 15 years.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

What’s weird about this couple’s prenup is that there is no clause about child custody! However, there is a clause saying that Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, can’t make career decisions that affect the couple.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Although Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now divorced, everyone knows that Pitt didn’t cheat. How? Because in their prenup, Jolie would’ve received sole custody of the kids if that happened.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Too bad Woods cheated! If he hadn’t, Nordegren would’ve taken home a mere $20 million, but the cheating bumped that amount up to $110 million. Woods really wanted her back, so much so that he offered a $200 million prenup. She declined.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian

When their marriage ended, Kardashian made sure she didn’t walk away empty-handed. She took home $2 million for the four years they were married. She also receives courtside Lakers seats, a new car every time her lease is up, and she got the house in the split, too!

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This couple never got married, and a certain clause in their prenup might indicate why. Romo had the nerve to ask Simpson to pay him $500,000 for every pound she gained over 135.

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When Cruise and Holmes split, Holmes took home $3 million for every year of their marriage. She also gets an allowance of $400,00 for the care and upkeep of the couple’s daughter, Suri.

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This couple’s prenup was pretty special because the document alleged that the couple had never “technically” been legally married. To that end, Federline got just $1 million when they split.

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This couple’s prenup included a clause that awarded her $4 million if Sheen was ever caught cheating. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), this wasn’t the first time Sheen had a cheating clause in one of his prenups.

Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky

Taylor was an old hat at marriage by the time she wed Fortensky. Rather than agree to pay him when they got divorced, Taylor agreed to pay him if they managed to stay married for five years!