The British Royals Are Welcoming Yet Another Celebrity Into The Family

The British Royals Are Welcoming Yet Another Celebrity Into The Family

After Meghan Markle took the world by storm by marrying into the British royal family in 2018, the Queen likely never expected another American actress would follow suit. But without much warning, another royal Romeo popped the question to a fellow famous face from overseas, setting the tabloids alight — and leaving many royal purists shaking their heads.

Mystery Woman

After all, with another American on board, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Crown starts adding a few stars and stripes to the Union Jack. But nationalism aside, everyone was eager to know who this mysterious megastar, come to steal yet another royal’s heart, really was?

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Reality Star

For those big into the reality TV scene, this media darling’s name will definitely ring a bell. Not only is she a well-known television personality, but she also appeared on Netflix’s hit reality show Made in Mexico.


Doing It All

On top of that, this TV star is also a published author, professional speaker, and even an internationally known activist. So who is this do-it-all wonder?

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Here Comes Hanna

Meet Hanna Jaff, the soon-to-be newest member of the British royal family. You might be thinking, “Hey, she doesn’t look like a face I’ve seen on the British tabloids.” Well, you’re 100 percent correct.

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Not Your Average American

Born in San Diego, Hanna is of Kurdish-Mexican descent and considers herself Mexican-American. Yet unlike her fellow American outsider Meghan Markle, Hanna does have a bit of royal blood in her.

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Impressive Family Tree

Hanna is a descendant of Mohamed Pasha Jaff, one of the great Kurdish kings and supreme leader of the Jaff tribe. She’s also related to the owners of the North Bank of Iraq, the largest private bank in the country, as well as Carlos Henry Bosdet, the first person to install a telephone in Mexico. But Hanna is certainly not one to sit back and ride her family’s coattails…

Shajaf / Wikimedia Commons | Enrique Bosdet / Wikimedia Commons

Making Her Own Way

Hanna herself also boasts quite a list of accomplishments, including stints in Mexican politics and several charitable foundations in her name. Unsurprisingly, successes like these have made her a pretty big name in Mexico. One publication in particular gave her a very high honor that not even Hanna herself saw coming.

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Mexican Icon

In fact, Hanna was actually named one of Forbes‘ “100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico 2019” alongside celebrities like Salma Hayek and was even ranked among the “10 most admired women in Mexico” by Cosmopolitan. However, in just a few months, Hanna is set to receive another distinction: British royalty. And who is her blushing groom, you might ask?

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Happy Harry

Since January 2020, Hanna has been engaged to a certain red-headed royal with marriage not too far on the horizon. That’s right — Hanna is set to marry Harry! But not the one you’re thinking of.

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A Familiar Story

Hanna is engaged to Henry “Harry” Roper-Curzon, heir to the baronage of Teynham and relative of the Windsor princes. Though the spotlight on Hanna may not be as bright as the one cast on Meghan during her royal transition, it doesn’t mean that Hanna is going to have an easy go of being admitted to British royalty…

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Social Sacrifices

For starters, Hanna will have to conform to the social standards of the royal family, meaning her reality TV days are surely over. To top it off, she’ll also likely have to give up her personal social media accounts, which played a huge part in making Hanna the star that she is today. We can only hope she’s on board with these strict stipulations…

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Limited Lifestyle

Hanna’s autonomy over her speaking engagements, book deals, and charitable efforts are also certain to take a hit, as all of her public appearances will now be carried out under the royal banner. This has many royal experts worried, and some have been looking to the recent past as an example of how quickly things can spiral out of control.

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Unprecedented Move

While Meghan Markle seemed more than willing to comply with royal guidelines at first, her growing dissatisfaction with these restrictions ultimately led to the Sussexes’ infamous break from the family. Many were quick to blame Meghan for “corrupting” the young prince, though defenders of the Duchess pointed to another big-name royal as the cause of the split…

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A Family Divided

The Queen herself. Yet regardless of which side instigated the falling out, it should come as no surprise that the remaining royals now find themselves on pretty shaky ground. It would seem unwise to let another outsider in so soon after scandal — shortly after the “royal split,” however, that’s exactly what they did.

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

It all began back in the summer of 2019 when a mutual friend showed Harry a photo of Hanna. The future 22nd Baron of Teynham wanted to meet her immediately, though, unfortunately, Hanna was still in Mexico at the time.

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Love At First Sight

Several months passed before the two were finally able to get together at an art exhibition in England. Sparks flew immediately, and just weeks later the couple announced they were officially in a relationship.

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Whirlwind Romance

Things began moving quickly from there, with the two spending the Christmas holiday together in both Mexico and San Diego. Then, while on a ski trip in the Swiss Alps in early January, Harry decided to pop the question.

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Happily Ever After On Hold

The pair had initially planned to wed in July 2020, though in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they pushed their nuptials to the fall. “At the beginning I was quite sad,” Hanna revealed, “but given the world is going through so much right now, there are bigger problems to worry about.”

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Growing Together, Apart

Yet the pandemic also served to test the strength of their relationship, as lockdown orders forced the couple to isolate an ocean apart. But according to Hanna, she and Harry are now closer than ever before.

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

Putting Things In Perspective

“The distance really does make the heart grow fonder. You realize that you have to be thankful for what you have every day,” she shared. “This experience left us with a stronger relationship, communication skills and learned so much more about each other and ourselves.”

Hanna Jaff / Instagram

A Sign of Things To Come?

While Hanna and Harry’s relationship seems like a genuine case of true love, royal watchers are understandably anxious about the upcoming union and the potential future fallout for the royal family. After all, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s courtship started off pretty innocently as well.

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Those Lovely Beginnings

Most famous love stories have fairytale-like beginnings, but the story of Harry and Meghan actually began on a blind date. In fact, Meghan knew very little about Harry and his royal bloodline.

“Well, Is He Nice?”

“I didn’t know much about him,” Meghan told BBC, “so the only thing I asked… was, ‘Well, is he nice?'” Harry was even more ill-prepared — he had never even heard of Meghan before that night. Talk about awkward!


But, as luck would have it, the pair hit it off, and just a few weeks later Harry invited Meghan to a charity trip to Africa. “[It] was crucial to me to make sure that we had a chance to get to know each other,” the prince recalled.


The couple managed to keep their relationship under wraps for several months, but in late October 2016, news of the courtship broke. Sources claimed that Harry had “been desperate to keep the relationship quiet.”

Couple of Cuddling Bananas

Then Meghan posted a photo to Instagram that featured two bananas spooning on the day that the news of the relationship leaked. Was this Meghan’s coy way of confirming the rumor?

Game Plans

The tabloids were quick to eat up every last bit of juicy gossip. Sure, Meghan was used to the spotlight, but the attention that came with being associated with the Royals proved to be an entirely different ballgame.


“There was a misconception that this would be something I would be familiar with,” the actress told BBC. “But I’ve never been part of tabloid culture. I’ve lived a relatively quiet life.”

…Is Enough

The press grew relentless when it came to getting the scoop on the newest royal relationship, going as far as harassing Meghan’s mother to get the info they were after. Eventually, Harry had had enough.

Such a Storm

Through the Royal House, Harry issued a statement that called for an end to the harassment: “Prince Harry is worried about Ms. Markle’s safety. It is not right that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm.”

Turn the Camera Off

The statement worked to somewhat quell the media frenzy, though it wasn’t long before rumors began to circulate that Prince William was unhappy. This prompted the Duke of Cambridge to issue his own statement.

An Understanding

“The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him,” read part of the statement.

Defend Her!

Ultimately, it was made clear that while Harry’s call to the press was off-brand for a royal, the family had no issue with his defense of Meghan.

Moving On

By the end of 2016, Harry’s press hiccup had all but been forgotten in the wake of the news that Queen Elizabeth herself had given Meghan her approval.


The Queen isn’t just the ruler of the United Kingdom, but she’s also one of Harry’s biggest fans. A source close to the family told Us Weekly: “[The Queen is] delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship.”

Lens Swap

Meghan had similarly good things to say about her time spent with the Queen: “It’s incredible, to be able to meet her through [Harry’s] lens,” she shared with BBC.

“She’s an incredible woman”

“Not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother… She’s an incredible woman,” she added.

To Norway

The couple spent Christmas apart in 2016, though they reunited for a romantic New Year’s holiday. Now that their secret was out, Harry and Meghan were free to travel to Norway without fear of spilling the beans.

A Look at the Lights

Among the beautiful sights they took in during their excursion to the Arctic Circle were the Northern Lights, and by this time those close to the couple swore they could hear wedding bells on the horizon.

Head over Heels

Though Harry and Meghan were staying mum, their friends had things to say! “I can see them engaged by the spring,” a friend of Harry’s told Us Weekly. “He’s head over heels.” And, well, the rest is history.