Woman Sues Neighbor, He Responds By Leaking Photos Nobody Was Meant To See

Woman Sues Neighbor, He Responds By Leaking Photos Nobody Was Meant To See

When a guy known as Tbird accidentally lost control of his fireworks on the Fourth of July, it resulted in a fire that destroyed his neighbor’s backyard. The woman was understandably upset, but she wanted more than just to fix her backyard, she wanted revenge on Tbird, and dragged him all the way to court to get it. Her demands raised authorities’ eyebrows, however, landing Tbird on the right side of the law after a genius move that actually won him praise from lawmakers. 

His Situation

When that neighborly relationship changed, Tbird was only 18, and he worked in security with a grueling 16-hour shift rotation. Basically, he needed a break. And he wanted to make the 4th of July an especially memorable holiday.

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Independence Day

So, the teenager’s friend decided to visit him and help celebrate. And the best way to do that? Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that the pair opted for something explosive. They were young men, after all.

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Making it Fancy

Yup, the guys wanted to commemorate the holiday the way our Founding Fathers intended: with plenty of fireworks. And they weren’t concerned about the fact that it hadn’t rained in two months, leaving the grass around them dry and crispy. They were too excited to be careful.

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The Situation Develops

So, the buddies loaded up on fireworks. In hindsight, this was a terrible error. Tbird knew it, too. “To be fair, I have had nothing but bad experiences with fireworks, so I had no idea how this would be any different,” he later wrote on Reddit.

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Firework Smorgasbord

Then, once the friends made it back from the store, they looked over their purchases. “We got home with the fireworks, and we laid them all out on the floor: sparklers, bottle rockets, cakes, and Roman candles,” Tbird wrote. They were living a teenager’s dream.

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Guess Where This Goes

With so many fireworks in front of them, the friends weren’t sure where to start. But Tbird suggested the sparklers, as it wasn’t yet dark enough for the rest. So, he and his buddy lit them, and what started out as a pleasant sight soon took a turn for the worse.

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Making Contact

“One of the little sparkies from mine and my friend’s sparkler made contact with the ground and made two small fires,” Tbird said. The grass was crispy and caught fire with ease. And the flames soon spread across the Redditor’s yard — although they didn’t stop there.

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Trying to Extinguish It

The fire soon threatened to cross into the property of his next-door neighbor. “I ran as fast as I could to grab the garden hose and quickly started spraying down the fire,” Tbird said. “It was no use, it was spreading faster than I could spray it.” And while the teenagers also called 911, it was too little, too late.

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Too Late

When the flames reached the fence, there wasn’t anything the boys could do. It engulfed the structure and then the neighbor’s entire backyard. Eventually, the fire department arrived and extinguished the flames — but not before the neighbor’s yard was destroyed. The odd thing was that the woman next door didn’t seem upset.

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The Damages

Instead, Tbird claimed that he saw the woman smiling at the fire. And a few weeks later, he learned why. She sent him and his dad a massive quote for the damages. The neighbor wanted $4,000 for a new fence, $6,000 for her lawn, and an indeterminate amount for covering her water bill for three months.

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Wait a Second

You’d understand if the teenager freaked out. Then he remembered the condition of the neighbor’s yard before the fireworks incident. “Now, the fence this woman had before was raggedy and falling apart. Her yard? Dead grass, weeds everywhere, never mowed it,” he wrote on Reddit.

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Seems Off

It didn’t add up. “Now, looking at this paper she wants a mahogany fence, and a brand-new backyard with flowers and trimmed hedges? I said, ‘I need to get an estimate myself. This doesn’t feel right,’” Tbird wrote. Also, the quote didn’t have any information about the company that had made it.

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More Drama

Tbird had his own contractor look at the damage, which infuriated the neighbor. “I did not give you permission to get an estimate on my fence!” she reportedly screamed. “Technically, the fence separates the property line, so the fence belongs to both of us,” the Redditor later explained. But the situation only escalated from there.

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Much Smaller Figure

The neighbor phoned the police, who couldn’t do anything because Tbird was in his own yard. Then the contractor quoted $1,200 for a new fence. The teenager also had another lawn care contact estimate around $800 for seeding the neighbor’s lawn. Quite a far cry from the amount she was asking for!

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None of It

“After I get these estimates, I give copies to the woman, and she is having none of it,” Tbird wrote. “I don’t know these people. I don’t want them near my house. They’re probably really bad contractors,” she reportedly said.

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Deal With It

Tbird eventually got the woman to agree to a payment of $2,000. But when he tried to make it official with a notary, the neighbor decided that two grand wasn’t enough. She texted the teenager to let him know her contractors would be starting work, and he’d be responsible for her bill.

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Backyard Oasis

“After that, I did not say a single word to her. And I watched for a few months as these guys turned her backyard into an oasis, complete with a small pond, brand new sod, flowers — the whole nine yards,” Tbird wrote. Apparently, the neighbor had already planned the remodeling long before the incident.

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That’s Unfair

Reading through a Facebook group, Tbird found out that the woman had used some of his payment on a Hawaiian vacation. And when the neighbor finally served him with court papers, he was ready.

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The Defense

The court may have been expecting a pretty routine settlement — given how the neighbor’s backyard had been burnt to a crisp and all. But the Redditor mounted a defense that exposed her greed.

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The Evidence

“When we finally do get into court, I lay everything out: the quotes, being harassed multiple times, not showing up after agreeing to a deal, not wanting me to get my own quotes (required by law, by the way), and her bragging about conning me out of money,” Tbird wrote.

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The Ruling

“The judge looked at her and said, ‘Ma’am, with all due respect, you’re out of your dadgum mind!’” Tbird added. “‘Your lawn was already dead before the fire occurred, therefore he is only responsible for the fence at $1,200. I will also deduct from this his lawyer fees.’” The neighbor went home that day with her tail between her legs.

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Other Side Of The Fence

It was a huge turning point for Tbird. Just a few weeks earlier, he’d been a dumb teenager playing with fireworks in his backyard. Now, he was an adult using the powers of the legal system. But when this wild encounter was shared online, it became clear that not everyone would take the same action.

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Surprising Response

One guy had actually already stepped forward with his own tale of social interaction gone horribly wrong. But this Reddit user didn’t let the cops intervene — he took matters into his own hands. And if Tbird had seen this strange story, he probably wouldn’t have believed what he was reading.

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Foreman For Hire

The stranger who shared the tale with the world was a construction worker and Redditor known by the username BBQLunch. When he got hired as the foreman for a new house build, he had no idea that the job would come with such an intense obstacle. Surprisingly, his nemesis appeared in the form of a woman in a sedan.


Up The Hill

His day had already been tough up to that point, as this wasn’t an ordinary house. It was elegant and large — classier than others in the neighborhood, and tucked away at the top of a hill. BBQLunch soon got very familiar with that steep incline.

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Lugging Around

Unfortunately, this meant that the contractors had to lug supplies all the way up the hill from the driveway. It was a tiring trek, and they couldn’t afford any interruptions to their schedule. Thankfully, there was a rule on their side.


No Parking

There were two official “No Parking” signs placed at the bottom of the hill, keeping the driveway clear and ready for function use. But one passerby didn’t care. The selfish stranger was more concerned about a buzzing location just down the hill from the construction site.


Elementary School

Every afternoon the workers heard a bell and the shrieks of excited children from an elementary school half a block from the bottom of the hill. Whether or not the foreman liked it, the area regularly ran wild with frenzied children…and their parents.


So Far, So Good

When construction began, parents were mostly compliant with the sign. It seemed to be doing its job. That is until one woman defied it. Even as she saw the foreman and his colleagues hiking up and down the steep slope, she pulled over to the curb.

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Parked Anyway

Oblivious to their efforts, she parked right at the “No Parking” sign — blocking the foot path up to the construction site. The foreman assumed that she must have missed the signage, so he walked over to kindly ask her to move.

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Chill Pill

The woman immediately scoffed and replied, “I’ll just be a few minutes, and your truck isn’t here, take a chill pill dude.” The foreman was taken aback, and unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the worst of his problems. 

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Pulling In

Just as the woman finished telling off the foreman, the lumber truck that was meant to pull in at the time arrived at the site. There was no place for them to unload all that wood. The woman had to move, and fast.

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Still There

The foreman thought that the woman would surely understand at this point. After all, the truck she earlier brushed off had arrived right on time. So, why was she still there?

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Windows Up

Instead of leaving, the woman rolled her window up and ignored the situation around her. The foreman waved until she rolled it down ever so slightly. She angrily yelled, “What?” He explained that the truck had to unload, but the driver wouldn’t budge.

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Drive Around!

The woman insisted she wasn’t moving until school let out. “Can’t you guys just unload around me? Jesus, it’s not that hard,” she spouted off. The foreman wasn’t happy about it, but that’s when an idea of his own entered the picture.

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Block for Block

After working out an arrangement with the man driving the lumber truck, the foreman knew what had to be done. At his command, the lumber truck blocked her in next to the curb. However, the mean mom’s reaction wasn’t quite what they expected.

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Calling the Police

She didn’t even notice. The foreman, meanwhile, picked up his phone and called the police. “At this point in time I wasn’t trying to get her in trouble, I just wanted a record of why we were blocking part of the street so we don’t get in trouble with the city,” he said.

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30 Minutes

The officer said that he would be there in 30 minutes. So the foreman had that much time to solve this. Before he could think of what to do next, the woman’s kid arrived.


In Her Hands

The woman couldn’t even exit her car to greet her kid. She had to climb to the passenger side and once she did, she barked at the foreman to move his car! But he replied that company policy forbade him from moving the truck while it’s loaded. 

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Waiting Game

The woman would have to wait for it to be unloaded. But she definitely wasn’t going to accept that. So she climbed back into her car and decided she would make a run for it — even though there was nowhere to go.


Messy Exit

After running over a portapotty, the woman’s car got stuck on the sidewalk barrier. She didn’t even come close to making it out, and the officer arriving on the scene watched it all happen. Needless to say, the crazed mother had broken a few laws.

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Step Out of the Car

The officer asked her to step out. She lied and said the foreman gave her permission to park there. Unfortunately for her, the officer already knew the whole story.

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Made Her Bed

On top of being charged with reckless driving, destruction of property, and driving on a suspended license, the officer also towed the woman’s car and arrested her. Her kid’s grandmother was forced to pick him up. The foreman watched it happen, content that justice had been served. “I think next time she’ll probably think twice about parking in a tow-away zone, if she ever gets a license again,” he said.

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