Martha Stewart’s Confession About Her Feelings For Snoop Dogg Has Fans Reeling

Martha Stewart

One photo of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in a steamy, tender embrace got everyone talking. Throw in some other details, such as OK! magazine noting America’s favorite homemaker is clearly “single and ready to mingle,” and you have a recipe for juicy speculation. But what exactly does this mean for her 13-year friendship with rap legend Snoop Dogg? Well, wonder no more. The duo have dished out all the home-cooked details on their relationship.

The queen of homemaking

Martha, known for her holiday decor and daytime show, was busy trying to make a comeback after her infamous prison sentence back in 2004. And one night, while backstage on Late Night with David Letterman, she may have noticed a cloud of smoke coming from one of the dressing rooms.

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The Doggfather

The source? Snoop Dogg, who’s known for three things: his rap career, his inventiveness with language, and, of course, his affinity for marijuana. He, too, was on Letterman that fateful night, and he was likely filling the backstage with a dank fog. Being polite and perhaps a little intrigued, Martha seemingly couldn’t help but introduce herself!

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A quick connection

Martha notes that her time in jail taught her to bring new people into her life, so despite not being a smoker herself, she clicked with Snoop instantly. And when Martha casually welcomed the rapper onto her show, neither of them knew that TV history was in the making.

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The Martha Stewart Show

Snoop made his first appearance on The Martha Stewart Show in 2008. Martha was set to teach Snoop how to make her mother’s signature mashed potatoes. But before Snoop had even made it on stage, the signs were pointing to it being a bit of an awkward encounter.


Spelling “errors”

In the lead-up, you see, Snoop had written Martha a few emails. But she’d struggled to read them aloud on camera. When the rapper finally joined her on stage, one of Martha’s first questions was if he knew how to actually spell. Yikes! But Snoop’s response was even more unexpected.

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Surprisingly, Snoop held no resentment for Martha’s intrusive questions. He happily provided her with answers, explaining that he did know how to spell but that he found it time-consuming. Viewers quickly realized that these two would be nothing but honest with each other. And then the segment took an interesting turn.


Not too salty

As Martha prepared the mashed potatoes, Snoop explained terms such as “fo-shizzle” to her enraptured audience. Slowly, the show went from a cringey Q&A to television gold. But when it came time to add the pepper, Snoop was not happy.

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Black or white?

Martha’s staff had provided the pair with white pepper, which caused Snoop to scoff. Martha agreed, instructing the crew to bring them some black pepper instead. And their unabashed references to race were refreshing for daytime TV, as Snoop would later point out to NBC in 2019.

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Perfect for daytime TV

“Martha kind of, like, pioneered this,” Snoop told the broadcasting company. “Cooking with Martha just seemed like the right space to be in.” And to top it all off, Snoop’s second visit was even more remarkable than the first!

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Makin’ green brownies

Snoop returned to make brownies with Martha, resulting in one of the highest rated episodes ever. As Snoop rapped about making the brownies “green,” Martha chimed in, resulting in comedy brilliance. Sadly, the pair then went years without coming together on screen — despite their apparent friendship. But eventually, and to their fans’ delight, Martha set about changing that.

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Reddit reach-out

During a 2014 Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Martha couldn’t help but mention her long-lost buddy Snoop. “I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg,” she told the world. And with that, Reddit went off.

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As fans rejoiced at the idea of a reunion between the two beloved figures, Snoop caught wind. In 2015 Martha and Snoop got together once again, sitting next to each other for an episode of Comedy Central Roast that nobody could’ve predicted.

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The Roast of Justin Bieber

And neither Martha nor Snoop would have ever guessed that their reunion would be on Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber, where celebrities took turns jabbing the young pop star and each other. During commercial breaks, Snoop smoked onstage, which left Martha a bit, er, impaired, shall we say…

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Secondhand hit

“I was totally high,” Martha revealed on the Late Show with Seth Myers in 2015. She’d been inhaling clouds and clouds of second-hand smoke next to Snoop, leading to, hands down, one of the funniest roasts of all time. But Snoop explained it best.


“Call me”

“She sat next to me, and she stole the show,” Snoop told NBC in 2019. “She was the funniest roaster that night.” And when Martha ended her speech by telling Bieber to call her, a shocked Snoop made a huge decision.

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Together forever

“In that moment, I knew I wanted to be alongside this lady [Martha] for the rest of my life,” Snoop continued. A few months later, Martha was contacted by Snoop’s producers. They wanted the two unlikely buddies to do a show together! But would the ever-busy Martha be keen?

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A destined duo

“If Snoop will do it, I’ll do it,” said Martha, who seemed to know that something special was brewing. The pair decided to film a short-form test run. Snoop put aside some time in his music-making schedule to record some initial episodes with Martha where they cooked and talked with guests. The result?


Ratings, ratings, ratings!

It wasn’t enough! Fans needed more from Snoop and Martha. Their show, Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, has now been on air for more than four years. And critics have commended the duo’s ability to meld cultures. Then a photo of the pair was released that had fans speculating even more about their relationship.

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It was a still from an advert for their show. In the video, Snoop and Martha re-enacted the famous pottery scene from Ghost — and it left the internet abuzz. “I’ve never met anyone like Martha Stewart,” Snoop told Rolling Stone in 2016. And a selfie Martha uploaded to Instagram also had fans wondering if there was romance in the air. What did these two lovebirds have to say?

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Snoop wingman

“When we come together, it’s a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony,” Snoop told Rolling Stone. But when it comes to their relationship, rumor says Martha is actually hoping Snoop will “hook her up” with one of his friends! Still, some fans have their fingers crossed for a future Mrs. Martha Dogg.


An unlikely friendship

After all, Snoop managed to find the joy in one of the darkest moments of Martha’s life. And he gave her huge props for not snitching when busted. “She ate that prison sentence by herself,” he said, “like the true baddie she is.” Though maybe he didn’t see the full details of her lock-up…

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Tangled up with ImClone

Because Martha’s stint in jail was bizarre, to say the least. Her arrest was in the white-collar crime department, and it all had to do with a biopharmaceutical company called ImClone, in which Martha held $230,000 worth of shares.

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Dumping stock shares

Dr. Samuel Waksal, one of ImClone’s founders, gave company shareholders — including Martha — insider information that stocks would nosedive due to a safety issue with the FDA. So, Martha sold her shares, but authorities noticed the convenient timing.

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Slammed with a conviction

After an investigation by the United States government into the ImClone trading scandal, Martha was slammed with a conviction of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and lying to investigators. America’s DIY queen was sentenced to a five-month stint in prison.

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Sent to Alderson

Although Martha put in a request to serve her time in Florida or Connecticut, the judge threw out the request and instead sent her to the small town of Alderson, West Virginia. And, the town was ready.

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Tangible anticipation

As you can imagine, the fact that Martha Stewart, one of the world’s biggest celebrities, was getting sent to Federal Prison Camp Alderson had every single local news outlet rubbing their hands in eager anticipation. They prepared to feast.

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Offering a warm welcome

Martha, although convicted of criminal activity, actually received quite a pleasant welcome throughout the town. News outlets obviously shared the event with the residents, and local businesses offered her a warm, felonious welcome on her way to “prison.”

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“Camp Cupcake”

To say Martha spent time in “prison” was a stretch. FPC Alderson was also known as “Camp Cupcake” due to its leniency. Martha was a non-violent offender, so she wasn’t cooped up with murderers or gang members.

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Incredible amount of leniency

The place didn’t even have barbed wire fencing. In fact, inmates were allowed access to email, computers, a library, hospital, and a chapel. They could even leave the premises if they returned by four in the afternoon! The prison afforded other opportunities, too.

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A cushy lifestyle?

The part of FPC Alderson that had her most excited (if you could call it that) was obviously kitchen work. Sounds like a cushy lifestyle, huh? Well, according to ex-inmate Evie Litwok, it was actually the opposite.

Dayton Daily News

An ex-inmate’s ridiculous assumptions

According to Litwok, life at the prison was actually full of backbreaking chores. She suggested Martha was probably the subject of ridicule due to her fame and forced into the worst jobs, like cleaning toilets. However, evidence completely contradicted Litwok’s assumptions.

Stanford Prison Experiment

“She looks better than ever”

All you had to do was spend a little time with Martha to know she was in no way suffering physically or mentally. In fact, one visitor who saw her actually said, “It’s just wild. She looks better than ever.” And she had plenty of visitors.

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Support from fans

It wasn’t just Martha’s family who wished her the best during her stint, either. It seemed like anyone who read one of her books or watched her show came out in support. Of course, West Virginia saw a way to monetize the situation, too.

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“West Virginia living”

To make things even crazier, there was actually a line of merchandise created specifically for Martha’s time in Alderson. Instead of Martha Stewart Living, shirts had the words “West Virginia Living” printed on them! The town’s notoriety grew.

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Returning home

For such a small town, Alderson certainly cemented itself on the map because of Martha’s stay. Over the course of five months, Martha developed friendships, kept fit, and managed to make the best of her time. Eventually, it was time to return home, but Martha worried her star power was over.

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Celebrations from all over

Except Martha was met with the exact opposite reception of a convicted felon. People were thrilled their DIY hero was finally able to resume great work again. Her freedom inspired action on an upcoming holiday.

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“Incarcerated Martha”

“Incarcerated Martha” was one of the most popular Halloween costumes the year of her release. That such a soft-spoken delicate woman was locked away just seemed so absurd. Still, once she was free from Alderson, her time served wasn’t over.

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Hitting the ground running

After her release from Alderson, Martha faced five more months of home confinement before returning to work. Amazingly, her brand never really faltered, and she afterward hit the ground running as if nothing happened at all after all was said and done.

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