Lady Gaga’s Ex-Fiance Finally Tells The World What He Thinks Of ‘A Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga and actor Taylor Kinney finally got engaged after four years of dating, fans everywhere rejoiced. However, like many Hollywood romances, the spotlight put a strain on the couple, and they eventually broke up. Though they split on good terms, everyone was wondering what Kinney had to say about Gaga — and he finally delivered his thoughts.

A Star Is Born

From a very young age it seemed Lady Gaga was destined for stardom. Born Stefani Germanotta in 1986, she grew up in New York City. But, it wasn’t until 2008, at the age of 22, that she appeared on the music industry’s radar.

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Coming In Hot

Her debut album The Fame crushed the charts with songs like “Poker Face” and “Just Dance.” Lady Gaga arrived, and it was clear she was here to stay. And when her next album dropped, she met the first celeb love of her life.

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Meeting Taylor

One of the hit singles off her second album Born This Way was “You and I,” and it was during the filming of the music video she fell for an actor named Taylor Kinney. Kinney already had a decent resume under his belt, and Lady Gaga was smitten.

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Established Actor

Kinney was a few years older than Gaga. His resume included a recurring role in The Vampire Diaries, and he had some even bigger parts in Zero Dark Thirty and The Other Woman. But, most Kinney fans knew him from one specific hit television show.

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Smoking Firefighter

Kinney played Lieutenant Kelly Severide in the hugely popular show Chicago Fire, as well as the two spin-off shows it spawned, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. Gaga must have loved that firefighter’s uniform on him because they began a serious relationship soon after meeting.

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Famous Heart Ring

In 2015, after four years of dating, Kinney proposed to Gaga with a gorgeous heart-shaped ring the singer proudly displayed on her Instagram page. She captioned it “Love is love is love is.” It seemed like the two were destined for each other.

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Rocky Engagement

How could a romance between a successful television star and a superstar singer be anything but amazing? Well, high-profile relationships are fickle beasts, and Gaga learned about it the hard way roughly one year after Kinney proposed.

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Hitting Rough Patches

While filming a Netflix documentary called Five Foot Two, Gaga and Kinney started to hit rough patches in their relationship. Because the issues were happening while the movie was filming, she could discuss it all on camera.

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Personal Drama

The documentary gave fans an inside look at the intense preparation the singer went through while working on a new album and the demanding behind-the-scenes work of figuring out a Super Bowl halftime show. But, it was really the drama with Kinney that had fans on the edge of their seats.

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Little Monsters

Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters,” and fans as dedicated as hers want to make sure their idol’s love life is going strong. Sure, the inside look at all her hard work was fascinating, but love was the most important thing of all.

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Demanding Career

So, why exactly did they split to begin with? In an interview Gaga gave with CBS Sunday Morning, she implied her exploding career may have been one of the root causes of her love life “imploding.”


Getting Too Big

When fame suddenly takes you aboard its ride and cranks the lever to a thousand miles per hour, it’s gotta be tough for the partner to keep up. Gaga’s music was growing more popular by the day, but in 2018, she ventured into different territory.

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Iconic Role

Actor Bradley Cooper directed A Star Is Born, which was a remake of a few versions from the past. Gaga landed herself the role of a struggling singer name Ally Campana-Mained who falls for Bradley Cooper’s character.


Oscar Winner

The movie was a smash hit and movie critics all hailed Gaga’s performance. She even took home an Oscar for a song she wrote for the film. The movie also had people speculating about whether or not she found a new romantic partner in real life.


Serious Chemistry

The chemistry between her and Bradley Cooper was so realistic, and the two apparently became quite close during filming. People wondered if the two developed actual feelings on set. Fans also wondered how Taylor Kinney felt about the film and the rumors.


Praising His Ex

Kinney initially told E! News he wasn’t sure if he would even purchase a ticket to the film (not surprising given the rumors involving Bradley Cooper), but after its release, he had nothing but positive things to say about both the film and Lady Gaga’s role.

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New Love

“I could only wish her the best. I am really proud.” Kinney stated. It’s great to know Kinney’s the kind of guy who still wants the best for people even after they leave his life. Lucky for Lady Gaga, she found love again in the form of a talent agent.

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Dating Carino

She began dating a man named Christian Carino just before A Star Is Born began filming. This should have squashed anything floating around the rumor mill regarding her and Cooper, but fans were left asking questions again in early 2019.


Timely Split

Days before the 2019 Oscars, Lady Gaga split with Carino, and then she sang an intimate duet with Bradley Cooper at the ceremony. Months later, Cooper split with his partner. Will Cooper and Gaga take the onscreen romance into the real world?

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Fans Were Convinced

Face it. Separating Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from their characters Ally and Jackson Maine is hard, and admittedly a major drag. All the nose traces, meaningful gazes, and husky toned harmonies hypnotized the masses into believing their love was the real deal.

Not Real

No matter how badly we scream-sing “Shallow,” or how many times we muster our best scratchy, “Just wanted to take another look at you,” we all will have to face the music — Brad and Gaga are not an item. Allegedly.

Demanding Answers

Fans and the media bombarded Lady Gaga on social media with speculation over her relationship with Bradley, making it impossible to ignore. It seemed like every time she walked down the red carpet, she was getting peppered with questions about a possible romance.

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Promoting The Film

Since the film was an Oscar race contender, Lady Gaga and Brad both did their duty of appearing on every single late night talk show. Without fail, the juiciest question asked by the hosts was always about the relationship between Brad and Gaga.

Committed Man

Both stars have been crystal clear about their status: just friends. After all, Bradley, at the time, was happily committed to his partner, the mother of their daughter Lea, model Irina Shayk. He was firmly taken since 2015.

Sending A Signal

The rumor mill spun off its hinges when, smack dab in the middle of the press tour, Lady Gaga sent what fans have dubbed a surefire sign that there was more to the supposed “friends” dynamic than they’d let on.

Solo Appearance

Up until that point, Gaga’s fiance, talent agent Christian Carino, held her hand while the cameras flashed on several award show red carpets. So people were shocked when, on Grammy night in February 2019, Gaga stepped out solo, without even her six-carat pink sapphire engagement ring to keep her company.

Single Again

Gaga didn’t issue an official statement about her breakup with Christian. She didn’t need to: her bare fingers were all the confirmation her little monsters needed to know that she was single once again. The timing suggested it had something to do with a certain dashing costar.

The Cooper Factor

The split from her fiance, less than 4 months after announcing their engagement and in the midst of the success of her film debut, pointed towards a cause named Cooper. Sources told People the separation was an amicable parting, “It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end. There’s no long dramatic story.”

Clearing The Air

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lady Gaga shared, following an eye roll, “Social media, quite frankly, is the toilet of the internet and what it’s done to pop culture is abysmal. People saw love and, guess what, that’s what we wanted you to see. This is a love song.”

Gaga Gushing

She downplayed any hint of a romance on that one, but other times she gushed over how working with Bradley totally changed her life. In an interview for the American Cinematheque Award Dinner, she spoke about Bradley, one of the night’s honorees.

Incredible Director

“It just makes my heart sing,” Lady Gaga said. “He is such an incredible director and you know he made me a better actress.” Beautiful words, sure. But then she continued.


In her next breath, she masterfully friend-zoned Mr. Cooper, “You know, that’s what’s really come out of all this for me: the reward of a lifetime friendship with someone I deeply respect.” Well, played Gaga, well played.

Carrying The Legacy

No debate there. Gaga’s credit list is limited. Other than her run on American Horror Story, all of her acting experience was cameo related. She’d taken acting classes as a child, dreaming of following in the footsteps of multitalented stars like previous Star Is Born powerhouse, Barbra Streisand.

Major Acting Chops

Leading the over $400 million dollar blockbuster proved Gaga had the chops and the range to be considered in the top tier of actresses. The Academy agreed, by nominating her for the coveted Best Actress Oscar at the 2019 awards ceremony.

Best Original Song

Best Actress evaded her this time, but Gaga won her golden statue after all. The award for Best Original Song went to “Shallow.” Choking back tears, she thanked you know who in her acceptance speech, “Bradley, there is not a single person on the planet that could’ve sung this song with me but you.”

Live Duet

The nail in the coffin for the all the Brad and Gaga shippers was their highly anticipated musical performance at the Academy Awards. Somehow they turned the Oscars stage into an intimate moment, the two of them embraced behind the piano, singing their ballad.

Intimate Performance

This palpably romantic display sent Twitter into overload with cries that Bradley and Gaga had it bad for each other. Forget a Poker Face, the smiles said it all. Immediately following the awards, Gaga dropped the “friend” word in interviews once more, but Bradley’s comments left fans clutching to hope.

Suspicious Praise

Bradley hasn’t kept quiet about his admiration for his onscreen love. Reporters on the red carpet for the Cinematheque Dinner asked if the friendship continued once filming wrapped, “We talk all the time, yeah. And it’s exciting and wonderful and we are both so grateful for how the film is being received.”

Surviving The Storm

Despite her incredibly busy schedule — you can’t hit snooze on the life of a pop star — they stayed connected. Whether it’s by swapping texts or powering each other through Q&As, the two top-notch talents survived the tidal wave of “A Star Is Born” attention by, as Bradley said, “just doing it together.”