Historical Coincidences That Left People With Serious Questions

Historical Coincidences That Left People With Serious Questions

History is full of incredible coincidences, and the odds of them ever happening again are well over a billion to one. But against all expectations, these 33 incredible events forever changed the course of our world. After reading about them, you’ll begin to wonder if there was something else at play here other than just pure luck.

1. Titanic Novel

Fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic, Morgan Robertson penned The Wreck of Titan: Or, Futility, a novel that could’ve been a play-by-play of the infamous 1912 shipwreck. The sinking of Titan is nearly identical to that of the Titanic!

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2. Baum’s Jacket

While searching for a costume for Frank Morgan’s Professor Marvel character in The Wizard of Oz, the crew discovered a tattered jacket in a thrift store. After purchasing it for use in the production, they noticed a name stitched in the pocket: L. Frank Baum, the original author of the Oz novels.


3. The Dean Curse

Following James Dean’s tragic car crash, those who handled the vehicle fell victim to a series of unusual events. The car crushed one mechanic’s legs as he tried to tow it, set fire to the garage it was being stored in, and killed a racecar driver who had installed its engine in his own vehicle.

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4. Prophetic Simpsons

The Simpsons has demonstrated an uncanny ability to know the future. Not only did the show accurately predict the presidency of Donald Trump, but it also predicted Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the invention of smart watches, and even Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

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5. Twins Reunited

Separated at birth and reunited 39 years later, twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer developed nearly identical lives despite never knowing one another. They both worked security jobs, married women named Betty, and gave their sons similar names — one James Alan, the other James Allan.


6. Bad Luck

Violet Jessop had a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when it came to ships. Serving as ocean liner stewardess in her youth, Jessop miraculously survived the sinking of both the RMS Titanic as well as the HMHS Britannic.

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7. Like Father, Like Son

In 1858, a man named Robert Fallon was shot dead for cheating at poker and was replaced at the table by a younger man who immediately won big. Unbeknownst to the group, the younger man was Fallon’s son, who hadn’t seen his father in decades.

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8. Returned Book

While perusing a Paris book store, author Anne Parrish discovered a copy of Jack Frost and Other Stories, an old book she loved as a child. She opened it, and on the inside cover she found her name and her childhood address — the book was her own!

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9. Falling Babies

In 1937, street sweeper Joseph Figlock was clearing an alleyway when a baby fell from a fourth-story window and landed on him, injuring itself and Figlock (both survived). A year later, Figlock was sweeping out another alleyway when yet another child fell on him from a fourth-story window.

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10. Twain’s Prediction

Mark Twain once wrote that because he had been born on the day of Halley’s Comet’s passing in 1835, his life would likely end during its next visit to Earth 75 years later. Sure enough, Twain passed away in 1910.

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11. Hoover Deaths

On December 20, 1921, a worker named J.G. Tierney died while constructing the Hoover Dam, making him one of the first casualties of the project. Fourteen years later to the day, the project suffered its final casualty: Patrick Tierney, J.G.’s only son.

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12. What’s in a Name?

On February 13, 1746, a Frenchman named Jean Marie Dubarry was beheaded for murdering his father. Exactly 100 years later, another man by the name of Jean Marie Dubarry was executed for the exact same crime.

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13. Double Crash

17-year-old Neville Ebbin was riding his moped in Hamilton, Bermuda, when he was struck and killed by a passing cab. A year later, Neville’s 17-year-old brother Erskine was struck and killed by the same cab, carrying the same passenger, on the same street, while riding the same moped.

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14. Skyline Change

After forgetting to include the Twin Towers in the New York skyline, the creators of the video game Deus Ex justified it by claiming they were destroyed during a terrorist attack within the game. Deus Ex was released on June 23, 2000, more than a year before the events of 9/11.

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15. Fortunate Flight Change

In 2014, Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge dodged the biggest bullet of his life — or so he thought — when he changed his flight to an earlier option. His original plane turned out to be Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, an aircraft missing to this day.

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Another Near Miss

However, lightning struck twice later that year when Maarten switched flights again, this time in order to save money. The plane he was supposed to get on ended up crash-landing in Ukraine!

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16. JFK Lincoln Similarities

Two of America’s most revered presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, share a number of eerie similarities. Both were assassinated by bullet wounds to the head on a Friday right before a holiday, and each death occurred in the company of their wives…

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Inside Circles

But there’s more. The two presidents also each had a vice president named Johnson and a friend named Billy Graham. Perhaps JFK was a reincarnated Lincoln — the world may never know.

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17. Twin Connections

One set of twins from Ohio was separated at birth, and the brothers grew up not realizing they had a sibling. Even so, they ended up leading creepily similar lives. For starters, both were renamed James upon adoption and later became cops.

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Identical Details

However, the commonalities didn’t end there. They also each had wives named Linda, who they later divorced for women named Betty, both had a dog named Toy and fathered sons with almost identical names (James Alan versus James Allan).

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18. Poe’s Tragic Tale

Edgar Allan Poe’s only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, concerns four sailors who survived a shipwreck but had to resort to cannibalism in order to remain alive. In his story, the name of the unlucky cabin boy they devoured was Richard Parker. Though, there’s no way those specific details would connect to any real events, or is there?

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Predicted The Future

Nearly half a century later, the sordid events came true, literally down to Poe’s last detail. The boat sank, and the stranded survivors had to eat one of their own: a cabin boy named Richard Parker.

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19. Anthony Hopkins Book Search

When Anthony Hopkins was preparing for a role in a movie called The Girl From Petrovka, he needed to find a copy of the book in order to get into character. Unfortunately, his search proved fruitless, at first.

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Convenient Read

That is until the very same book randomly showed up in a subway car he was riding. Fate? Maybe. But it gets weirder. When he was introduced to the author, he admitted he himself didn’t own a copy — he’d lost his on the subway.

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20. Archduke’s Death Premonition

The tipping point that plunged the world into World War I, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand also brought with it a dark premonition. Ferdinand and his wife were shot in a car with the license plate “A III-118,” which was eerily symbolic.

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Significant Date

This later would turn out to be a morbid coincidence, as the four-year-long war reached its finish on what is known as Armistice Day, November 11th, 1918…written as 11/11/18.

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21. Message On A Balloon

Back in 2001, a young girl named Laura Buxton decided it would be a good idea to release a balloon from her backyard with her name and address written on it. She hoped that maybe the person who found it would send her a reply.


The Two Lauras

The 10 year-old got way more than she bargained for when the recipient ended up being another 10 year-old girl named Laura Buxton 140 miles away. To make matters crazier, they both owned black Labs and grey rabbits, were the same height, and had brown hair.

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22. False Name

In 1888, Catherine Eddowes was found passed out drunk and taken into the local police station. When she was released, she gave the police a false name, hoping to hide her true identity. She said her name was Mary Kelly.

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Tragic Fate

That same night, Eddowes was tragically murdered by Jack the Ripper…on the same evening that he took the life of another young woman, by the name of Mary Kelly. Honestly, what are the odds?

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23. Cursed Tomb

In 1940, Soviet archaeologists stumbled upon a mind-boggling discovery: the tomb of Tamerlane, an ancient conqueror whose grave included an eerie warning. It read, “Whomsoever opens my tomb will unleash an invader more terrible than I.”

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Historical Consequences

The Soviets plunged ahead, despite the terrifying engraving, and opened the tomb. Only three days later, Hitler launched the biggest military invasion of all time against their country. Did Tamerlane make good on his threat?

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24. Flames From Nowhere

These coincidences are spooky enough, but what about truly unexplainable phenomena? Beginning in 2004, a small village in Sicily began experiencing a bout of seemingly inexplicable fires. Appliances randomly exploded into flames, and the situation got so dire that the town had to take some seriously drastic measures.

Senior Airman Areca Wilson / Wikimedia Commons

Source Still Undetermined

They evacuated the entire area and cut off power to the town. To this day, no one knows the true cause of the mysterious fires, but the government has said they were a result of high-power electromagnetic emissions. In layman’s terms, that means aliens.

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25. Grim Message

In the 1940s, ships traveling in water outside of Malaysia received a terrifyingly cryptic morse code message: “All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. … I die.”

Royal Air Force official photographer / Wikimedia Commons

Unexplained Deaths

One ship identified the source of the strange call and went to help the people onboard. Unfortunately, when they arrived, everyone was already dead, their faces frozen with looks of horror and no hint as to what had happened to them.

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26. Family Fire Tragedy

In 1945, tragedy struck the lives of the West Virginia-based Sodder family when their house caught on fire. Despite his best efforts, the patriarch failed to save the lives of his five children. However, none of their remains were ever recovered.

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Unmarked Letter

For 20 years, the grieving parents were forced to accept that they had no idea what had happened to their offspring. Then, one day, mother Jennie Sodder received an unmarked letter with a picture enclosed: an image of a young man with her son’s features, labeled only “Louis Sodder.”

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Sleeping Illness

27. In 2015, people in Kazakhstan began suffering from a confounding sleeping illness, wherein they would fall into a deep slumber for days on end, almost as if in a coma. When they awoke they had memory loss, migraines, and other highly troubling symptoms…

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Probably Poison

The most disturbing part about this entire series of events was that no one understood what the culprit could be. That is, until some clever individuals put two and two together and realized the plague was likely the result of uranium poisoning from a nearby mine.

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28. Man Made Lake

Lake Lanier is not your average body of water. It’s man-made, meaning the government created it by flooding entire towns, and the remains of those lost neighborhoods remain intact under the water. However, this isn’t even the creepiest thing about it.

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Attracts Eerie Events

The mysterious lake is also notorious for being host to a variety of eerie happenings, including drowning deaths and inexplicable car crashes. One local man’s body was found there after he woke up feeling strange. Rumor has it that the lake was calling to him.

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29. Skinwalker Ranch

In 1994, the Sherman family moved to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah only to discover some truly strange sights. From their time on the ranch, they remembered flashing lights, the disappearances of cows and dogs, mutilated animals, and even bizarre seven-foot-tall figures.

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Potentially Cursed

They left after two years, too frightened to remain. It later turned out that the Native Americans who had inhabited the land for thousands of years believed the region to be cursed and forbade anyone from stepping foot there.

Paul / Wikimedia Commons

30. Repairing An Aircraft

In 2003, pilot Ben Padilla was in charge of a team tasked with refurbishing an old Boeing 727. Everything was going swimmingly, and the aircraft was almost ready to take flight. Then, one night during a routine engine test, things took a bizarre turn.

Unexpected Takeoff

Without warning, the plane lifted off the tarmac and ascended into the sky, gunning towards the Atlantic Ocean. The Boeing’s design required three people to fly it, and Padilla didn’t have the necessary skills to fly it himself. Nevertheless, neither he nor the plane have been heard from since.

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31. Tarrare’s Unsatisfiable Appetite

In the 1700s, a man named Tarrare had an appetite so voracious that he consumed things no other human could stomach. The unexplainable hunger led him to eat garbage, stones, and live animals. The most chilling feast, however, occurred after he was committed to a hospital.

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Hunger For Humans

Tarrare stayed in the facility for over a year due to his strange condition. He was eventually given the boot for attempting to snack on corpses, but not before an infant child mysteriously went missing. He really could eat anything.

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32. Made Up Country

In 1954, a man with a very strange passport tried getting through customs at a Tokyo airport. His documentation said he was from Taured, a country that did not exist. Becoming increasingly angry when officials questioned him, the man claimed Taured had been around for thousands of years.

kunle_pata / Twitter

Disappeared From Locked Room

Not knowing what to do with him, the government detained the man overnight at a hotel and confiscated his documents. In the morning, however, the man from Taured was gone from the guarded room — along with all his documents, which had been securely locked up.

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33. National Park Disappearances

National parks are beautiful places to explore the United States’ natural wonders, but they also have been the sites of more than 1,000 disappearances over the last century. This is especially odd, given that these areas are so closely monitored by the government.

Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

Missing Children

To make matters worse, a large chunk of those missing were children…at least they were when they disappeared. For a reason that no one understands, the government hadn’t even begun tracking the incidents until 2013. Something is definitely up.