Stray Dog Refuses To Leave Car Dealership, Then The Owner Is Forced To Take Action

Stray Dog Refuses To Leave Car Dealership, Then The Owner Is Forced To Take Action

Each day, a certain stray dog showed up at the front of a Brazillian Hyundai dealership, and the owner couldn’t stand by any longer. He felt compelled to step up and make sure the animal never had to stand outside in the elements ever again. However, it soon became clear this was no ordinary canine.

A new visitor

The stray first began appearing outside the dealership in the spring of 2020, standing stoically at the front entrance, likely in the hope of scoring some goodwill from the store’s employees. For a time, the owner simply ignored the dog — after all, strays were nothing new to the people of Brazil.

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So many strays

It’s estimated that Brazil was home to around 30 million stray cats and dogs, with many of them dubbed “community” animals that lived in certain areas and survived off scraps and handouts. The owner assumed that, eventually, the dog would just move on in search of a new place to beg.

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Persistent pooch

But even as the days passed, the dog continued to plant himself firmly outside the dealership doors, staring in at the employees with puppy dog eyes as if to say, “Just a bite and a belly rub will do.” Then, on an especially rainy night, it became too much for the owner to bear — how could he possibly say no that face?

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Giving in

And so, the owner decided to let the needy pooch spend a few nights in the dealership to help him get back on his feet. The COVID-19 pandemic was running rampant at the time, so to get the stray off the streets for even a day or two would certainly come as a welcome respite.

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Make yourself at home

The employees at the dealership took to the dog immediately, calling him “Tucson Prime” after the Hyundai Tucson and the Prime branch they worked at. They built him a small doghouse so he’d feel right at home during his stay and filled some dog bowls to the brim with food and water — there’d be no need for begging this time around.

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Bath time

A bath was also in order for the scraggly stray, as there was a good chance poor Tucson hadn’t seen soap and water in years. Clearly, the dealer and his employees weren’t about to let their guest return to the streets — with a little TLC, hopefully he could catch the eye of a customer looking to add a new member to the family.

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Warming up

While most strays were often timid and frightened of new people, Tucson practically started running the place as soon as he stepped through the door. From the way he interacted with the owner and the other dealership employees, you never would’ve guessed he once lived out on the streets. With customers, he even took things a step further.

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Born salesman

You would’ve thought prospective car buyers were there just for Tucson the way he was able to charm so many treats and belly rubs from them — he sure was a great salesman! This got the dealer thinking about the pup’s future…

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Bold proposal

What if he could give Tucson a forever home? Yet, he wasn’t talking about taking the dog back to his house. With how well Tucson got along with the employees and how much all the customers seemed to love him, the dealership decided to make a bold proposal to the Hyundai board.

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You’re hired!

To make Tucson the store’s official mascot! “After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” showroom manager Emerson Mariano told Top Motors Brazil. And as soon as Tucson was given the job, he got right to work.

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“Pawfessional consultant”

As the dealership’s new “pawfessional consultant,” Tucson was out on the floor day in and day out trying to match customers with the car of their dreams. He even had his own employee name badge, making the whole arrangement totally legit.

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Hop in

Test drives also fell under Tucson’s duties. He may not have been able to reach the pedals, but he could definitely tell you if the windows were good for sticking out your head! On top of all that, Tucson even put his customer service skills to the test.

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How may I help you?

Questions about your vehicle? This representative was there to help! Safe to say, Tucson earned plenty of 5-star reviews, which is why it wasn’t long before word of Prime’s newest employee reached the rest of Brazil’s Hyundai branches.

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High demand

Pretty soon, other dealerships were reaching out to have Tucson make an appearance — after all, people were practically flocking to the professional pup’s home branch just to pay him a visit and bring him gifts. Never one to deny his customers — or miss out on a car ride — Tucson was more than willing to oblige.

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Road trip

And so, Tucson took a road trip to tour a number of Hyundai’s other dealerships around Brazil, meeting tons of fans and getting plenty of kisses along the way. In fact, Tucson had become such a notable name that even the bigwigs at Hyundai began to take notice.

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Special visits

In fact, Tucson was even invited to visit actual Hyundai plants and facilities to meet these higher-ups face-to-face. The workers at this factory were no doubt thrilled to step off the production line for a chance to play with their new furry friend, though Tuscon couldn’t stay with his new fans forever.

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A well-deserved rest

By the time Tucson returned to his home branch, he was pooped! He was all ready to settle back into his days of car showings and customer service, though there was still one big piece of news the folks at Hyundai had yet to break.

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Stay tuned

Now that Tucson was Hyundai’s most famous employee, corporate wanted to make sure everyone knew about him — not just the people who worked at and visited their stores. And so the marketing team planned for him to star in his very own series of nationwide Hyundai commercials!

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From stray to star

In just a matter of months, Tucson went from a lonely stray to the face of a global car company. It was an incredible transformation, but once Tucson’s commercial aired, employees at Hyundai likely heard feedback that this former street dog’s incredible story isn’t as rare as people would like to believe.

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Transformed by love

Not all rescue dogs will wind up superstars like Tucson. But even the most mistreated and neglected animal’s life can be turned around with a little love and compassion. You never know when an animal could be in immediate danger without intervention — a difficult reality that pushed one man to stop his car and help.

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Stopped in His Tracks

Kristofer Goldsmith pulled over to the side of the road to pick up a lost dog. The Army veteran and founder of High Ground Veterans was stopped in his tracks when he saw a small animal scamper past his vehicle. Oddly, the animal appeared to be wearing clothes. It was a sight that bewildered him.

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Dog In Need

Kris pulled over and slammed his truck into park, his eyes not leaving what turned out to be a disoriented little dog. Upon approaching the pup, it was clear the furball was nervous, but nevertheless interested in Kris’ help. Based on what he was wearing, the poor animal clearly couldn’t be a stray.

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Blue Pajamas

He was, for some reason, wearing powder-blue pajamas. A confused Kris picked up the pooch, who turned out to be a docile angel, and brought him to the safety of his truck. The two stared at each other for a moment before Kris whipped up a makeshift leash for the camel-colored dog out of parachute cord.

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Walking And Walking

Hoping to find the dog’s owner, Kris let the dog lead the way on an hours-long, aimless walk. “We probably walked a mile in circles,” Kris said. “He didn’t seem to recognize any house or make any attempt to run up on anyone’s front porch.”

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Office Dog

After a failed mission, they headed back to Kris’ truck. When the dog, now more comfortable, nuzzled up to his hero, Kris knew he had no choice but to take the dog to work. He couldn’t deny he was looking forward to having an office buddy.

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Before taking the dog into the office, Kris called the number on the dog’s rabies vaccine tag to see if he could obtain any information on who the lonely mutt belonged to. He found out that the mongrel was just eight months old and adorably named Frosting.

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The Waiting Game

Though the company promised it would contact Frosting’s owner, it simply couldn’t give Kris any confidential information. So all the duo could then do was wait… and tweet. Kris thought that perhaps the internet could help locate Frosting’s owner.

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A Temporary Stay

A cocky Kris was nearly positive that he’d get a speedy Twitter response to his explanatory tweet, but alas, nothing. He wrote that he’d hold the dog until noon, when nearby animal shelters opened their doors. Until then, Frosting would spend the day in Kris’ office.


Good Boy

Soon enough, Kris realized that Frosting was a very good boy, but a clingy good boy. He wouldn’t allow any space between him and Kris, always ecstatically sprawling out on his feet or his lap, which made work sort of difficult.

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Sticking Around

“I tried to use my standing desk and he would stand up and put his paws on me,” Kris said of his new buddy. As it turned out, he and his wife had coincidentally planned to adopt a dog just a month later.

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A Growing Bond

“We were looking for a small dog, a dachshund, who would be easy to travel with,” Kris said. So as he started thinking about the possibility of nobody coming to claim sweet little Frosting, the more he liked the idea.

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Night Apart

At the time, Kris was staying at a summer rental property that was strict about its “no dogs” policy, so Frosting had to spend that first night at Kris’ friend’s house. Frosting (understandably) did not enjoy being ripped away from his new adopted dad.

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Glued To The Window

“This dog is very, very, very bonded with me,” Kris explained. “As soon as I left, he was glued to the window, looking to see where I went. And in the morning, he was super excited to see me.” Frosting surely didn’t understand Kris would only be gone for a measly few hours.

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Separation Anxiety

Still, Kris had to admit that Frosting’s separation anxiety was cute, and that he too missed the pooch that night. Considering their newfound connection, there’s no doubt that Kris was more than elated when a week passed without anyone claiming poor Frosting.

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Wife Loves Him Too

“My wife is already attached to the dog. She might die of a broken heart if we couldn’t keep him,” said Kristofer. Though he joked about his smitten spouse, he couldn’t imagine letting go of his new friend. He dreaded having to return the pooch.

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So Many Questions

The curious case of Frosting was a bizarre one. Where were his owners? Why hadn’t anyone contacted Kris? Why was Frosting wearing suspiciously clean pajamas when Kris found him? Though there were questions, Kris no longer cared about the answers.

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Perfect Pet

“He’s nice, quiet and well-behaved. Seems like he’ll be the perfect office dog,” Kris happily said. It looked like the Takoma resident and his giddy wife were set on adopting the pupper who seemingly appeared out of thin air.

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New Tags

They felt that the name “Frosting” was still a good fit for the doggo, especially considering the good boy was nearly sweet enough to eat. Together, Kris and his wife bought Frosting a new tag to commemorate his gleeful homecoming.

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A Real Gift

Kris knew the strange encounter with Frosting was a gift, and fate must’ve had something to do with it. He and his wife never had to go pick out a dog, because in reality, Frosting picked them. There is always the chance that Frosting’s original owners come out of the woodwork, however.

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