Celebrity Nannies Expose The Ways They’re Asked To Play ‘Mommy’ For The Stars

Celebrity Nannies Expose The Ways They

There is a huge amount of responsibility involved in taking care of children full time, and only the bravest of childcare professionals cross the threshold into becoming a celebrity nanny — which comes with some insane requirements and absurd requests. On the surface, working for one of your favorite celebrities may seem great, but the nightmares these nannies shared may prove otherwise.

Serious Background Checks

If you are escaping criminal charges or attempting to flee a secret family in Florida, the celebrity nanny career path is not for you. Most celebs rely on FBI-style background checks to clear the people who help raise their kids.

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Don’t Forget The Chickens

As a woman raising eight children, having a nanny makes perfect sense and borders on being a necessity. Kate Gosselin of reality TV fame required practices beyond just taking care of her kids. She had her nanny tend to the family chicken coop!


Moves Like Mommy

If you plan on working for Beyonce, you should probably be a professional dancer as well. When Blue Ivy got upset, the only thing that calmed her was the Single Ladies dance. Therefore, the nanny was required to perform.

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Wear A Wig

Julia Roberts required her nanny to wear a wig that emulated her auburn locks while she was away working. Therefore, while the nanny was playing pretty woman, the kids would think their mother was home.

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The Gwyneth Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow treats her body like a temple, and she expects her nanny to do the same. In order to care for little Apple and Moses, you are expected to abstain from wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.

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No Touching

You would think any mother would hire a doting nanny to care for their kids in their absence. Allegedly, Halle Berry is the exact opposite. Instead, she enforces a hands-off rule. The actress doesn’t allow the help to show her children any affection.

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Daily Compliments

Mariah Carey is basically synonymous with the word diva. Unsurprisingly, she treats her nanny in the most Mariah Carey way imaginable: by forcing her to give the singer compliments everyday. Additionally, the nanny is supposed to instruct the kids to give their mom compliments before bedtime.

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Do NOT Disturb

The Kardashian empire has no shortage of children, which means they require a whole armada of nannies to help them conquer the world. Kim and Kanye are especially strict with their nanny, threatening a pay cut if one of the children wakes them up.

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No Business Casual

Sensible shoes and jeans from the GAP are a widely accepted nanny uniform. For the Kardashians, this simply won’t do. Kim expects her nannies to dress well. Similarly, she always makes sure her children are in the latest fashions, hardly ever repeating an outfit.

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No Phone Zone

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian enforces a strict no phone policy for her nannies. Some behind-the-scenes paparazzi pics of Kourt and her kids could sell for big bucks. In order to prevent this, at Casa Kourtney, all phones must be checked at the door.

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Broccoli Berated

And Kris Jenner didn’t aggressively propel her children to unimaginable fame by playing second fiddle to a nanny. The former nanny of the Kardashian family, Pamela Behan, says Kris once lost it because Behan forgot to pick up broccoli at the grocery store.

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24/7 On Call

Working for Madonna is no Holiday. Allegedly she has multiple nannies on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working for this Material Girl is Borderline crazy, as she requires her children to be the number one priority in your life.

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Close Ties

Oftentimes a nanny will become a part of the family due to the personal nature of the work. When Frances Bean Cobain filed a restraining order against her mother Courtney Love, her nanny was called into testify on her behalf record in court.

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No Superfans

In another strange case where the law got involved, Paris Jackson testified against her childhood nanny during Micheal Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit. She stated that her super-fan nanny would attempt to sneak into MJ’s bed at night.

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Wandering Eye

The worst thing that could happen between nanny and employer is an extramarital affair. In the celebrity world, this has happened more than once. Actor Ethan Hawke cheated on then-wife Uma Thurman with their nanny, leading to their divorce.

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The Right (Wrong) Look

Jessica Simpson takes precautions against something like this happening. She allegedly chooses her nannies so they look nothing like her. She thinks doing this will keep her husband from being tempted. We know who wears the daisy dukes in that relationship.

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Double Standard

Katie Holmes gave her nanny instructions to let her daughter do whatever she wanted. Suri wanted to paint on the walls in their apartment, so her nanny allowed it. Sadly, the nanny got fired for allowing this act of creativity.

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Extremely Type A

If you love specific lists of things to do, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker would be your ideal boss. Her former nanny shared that she writes out everything in detail from how to use eye drops to where the Vaseline goes.

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Multi-Talented For Multi-Tasking

On top of these ridiculous baseline standards, many celebrities request their nanny to be bilingual. Or, to be a professional seamstress in the case of Victoria Beckham. It would be great if you wouldn’t mind looking after the dog, as well.

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Perks Vs. Reality

When it comes to raising Hollywood royalty, the job isn’t easy. Sure, they may get a nice paycheck and some designer hand-me-downs, but the demands and inevitable wrath of the rich and famous are a steep price to pay. No one knows this better than their housekeepers!

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Miley Cyrus Runs A Petting Zoo

We love a girl who is crazy about animals and takes in a lot of pets, but they do have to be house trained, and that’s not something for which Miley seems to have time. A lot of her animal friends “go” wherever they want, whenever they want, and it’s pretty hard to clean. Oh, Miley.

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Britney Spears Keeps Some Rations Under The Bed

According to Britbrit’s housekeeper, she keeps quite a few leftovers on the floor, under the mattress, and even in the sheets. In 2010, the cleaner revealed she had found half-eaten burgers, fries, and full cookies in the princess of pop’s sleeping quarters.

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Ariana Grande gets carried away

This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone, but Ari likes to be treated like a princess. When she gets tired of walking, she often requests to be carried like a baby by both her bodyguards and her boyfriends.

Christian Bale takes his role a little too seriously

Bale’s publicist and personal assistant has let it slip that he has a little obsession with his own favorite character Patrick Bateman. He likes to call friends and family up and go full American Psycho, complete with an “iiiiit’s Patrick!” greeting. Scary…

Beyoncé has some magic tricks up her sleeve

Queen Bey’s ex-drummer, Kimberley Thompson, has accused her of using witchcraft and has filed a restraining order against her, accusing her of using dark magic to tap her phone and look into her finances. Could Bey really have yet another hidden talent?

Demi Moore likes to see herself in a certain light

While Demi looks amazing, she is over 55 years of age, right about the time that women become self-conscious of their aging appearance. Maybe that’s why she likes to keep a low light throughout her house, even though she has nothing to worry about.

Michael Jackson snuck around with a special someone

MJ’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, was considered a friend to the Jackson family, so it’s not unlikely he would know about the King Of Pop having an affair with no one other than Whitney Houston!

Reese Witherspoon is a dream employer

What doesn’t this woman do perfectly? Despite having 3 children, Reese keeps her household very tidy herself so the cleaning isn’t bad at all. She also pays very well and gives her staff all of her old clothes and other items. Go, Reese!

Johnny Depp lives with the ghost of careers past

While Johnny’s career is not exactly thriving nowadays, he does like to stroll down memory lane, a.k.a. his closet, and walk around in old costumes made for him during movie shoots. Why doesn’t this seem at all surprising?

Tom Cruise is hard to please

The Mission Impossible star has given his staff an impossible mission — he basically wants his home run like a hotel, with fresh sheets every day and staff at his beck and call. There are certain parts of his home that even his ex-wife Katie Holmes wasn’t allowed to use. Oof…

Naomi Campbell, more like Naomi Candle

The housekeepers and personal assistants for this infamous supermodel are constantly worried they will mess up her candle placement. Naomi is obsessed with lily-scented candles and needs at least 25 in every hotel suite she stays in. Try not to trigger that fire alarm!

Jim Carrey is all over the place

While his mental illness and substance abuse were incredibly hard on the master comedian, it wasn’t easy on his staff, either. They said his moods were entirely unpredictable, keeping everyone on their toes. Luckily, he has been healthier lately, because we love a happy Jim!

Jennifer Lopez is a bit of a cheapskate

This singer, dancer, and actress may be known to the masses as J-Lo, but she is known to Hollywood housekeepers as Pay-Low. While Jenny from the block has clearly broadened her finances, she only pays about half what other celebs in the area do. Come on, girl, you know the struggle!

Jessica Simpson

She is famous for her hair extensions — not just the ones she wears in her hair, but even the ones she sells! That’s right, she has her own line of long locks. However, she tends to leave her own and her samples all over her house. It must be pretty strange to clean up whole bunches of human hair!

Kristen Stewart is smoking

Maybe the actress is always so cool and collected because her cigarettes keep her calm, but her housekeepers sure aren’t happy about it. According to them, she leaves the butts everywhere, even inside the fridge once. Keep track of your butts, K-stew!

Selena Gomez doesn’t come and get it

This former Disney star doesn’t clean up after herself at all. Both a former personal assistant and housekeeper confirmed that it only takes Selena 24 hours to completely trash a hotel room.

Kanye West has an attitude (again)

Kanye doesn’t really seem to like many people other than President Trump and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. When he saw his bodyguard talking to Kim K, he became jealous and instantly fired him.

Taylor Swift is a cat lady

If you’ve ever seen T-Swift’s Instagram, you know that she loves showing off her Scottish folds, but lately, things have gone a little further than that. She now keeps cat sweaters, cat paintings, cat mugs, cat pillows, and every other feline-themed item she can find in her house. Meow!

Ryan Gosling’s seen The Exorcist too much

According to this Hollywood heavyweight’s former cleaning staff, Ryan loved keeping them on their toes, doing odd things like walking down the stairs on all fours.

Cindy Crawford is generous

This supermodel isn’t just all good looks, she’s also one heck of a boss! After being gifted a Chevy for shooting a commercial, she gave it away to her housekeeper.