Alec Baldwin Shares Dramatic News About His Relationship With Wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin Shares Dramatic News About His Relationship With Wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin has worn many hats over his decades-long career, though if you were to ask him which he prefers most, it’d be the ones he wears for the sake of his family. His eight-year marriage to Hilaria Baldwin is one of the most admired in Hollywood, and the growing clan of Baldwin kids only seems to get cuter by the day. But in 2020, the award-winning actor came forward with some dramatic news that left fans stunned: the legendary family was about to be changed forever.

Love By Chance

This wasn’t just some little change: Both he and Hilaria’s lives were about to get a whole lot more unpredictable. Neither of them were strangers to life throwing a few curveballs — their entire relationship had basically happened by chance. In an Instagram post commemorating their anniversary, Alec recalled the fateful moment he first spotted his future wife.

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Fateful Meeting

“8 years ago, I wandered into Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place, on an unseasonably warm February evening,” he shared. He turned left, and as soon as he locked eyes with Hilaria, he was smitten. Yet Alec didn’t exactly mince words as he approached her for the first time.

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Smooth Talker

In an interview with The New York Times, Hilaria revealed his opening line: “I was standing near the door with my friends when he walked up and took my hand and said, ‘I must know you.'” “You must know me?'” Hilaria replied, and then, “he gave me his card.”

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Mixed Signals

Surprisingly, as the pair began getting to know one another, Hilaria had doubts about whether Alec was really into her. In an interview with actress Mariska Hargitay for Beach magazine, Hilaria confessed that it took Alec a month and a half just to kiss her! It’s safe to say she started to get a little antsy.

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Keeping It Professional

“He shook my hands for six weeks,” she revealed. “We’d have the most romantic dinner date, and afterward he’d drop me off at my house and shake my hand…” Naturally, those closest to Hilaria were starting to get a bit impatient as well.

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Just Friends?

Hilaria revealed that her girlfriends would constantly ask, “Anything yet?” and she’d say, “Nope, nope, nope.” Then they’d say, “Maybe he just wants to be friends.” For a second, she almost believed them!

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First Kiss

But Alec definitely wanted to be more than friends — in fact, he wanted it so bad that he even admitted to having played things a little too safe. To everyone’s relief, however, the couple finally shared their first kiss, though it wasn’t long before another concern was brought up.

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Age Gap

At the time of their meeting, Alec was 53 years old — Hilaria, on the other hand, was just 27. Some saw their 26-year age gap as a pretty big red flag, though Hilaria had an entirely different take on the matter.

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“Out Of My World”

Hilaria acknowledged the age gap by admitting that she hardly noticed it! Growing up, she wasn’t too familiar with Alec because she doesn’t really watch TV. “So he’s somebody completely out of my world,” she explained, “not someone I’d necessarily think of.”

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Moving Fast

Five months into dating, the two had already moved into their first apartment together in New York City. Alec may have taken a while to kiss her, but those days were a far cry from how quickly things were moving now. 

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Wedding Bells

Only a year and a half after meeting, Alec and Hilaria tied the knot on June 29, 2012, at the landmark Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. Most people would’ve slowed down a bit at this point to enjoy their newlywed status, though not long after the sound of wedding bells came the pitter-patter of tiny Baldwin feet.

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Babies On Board

On August 23, 2013, Alec and Hilaria welcomed their first child, Carmen Gabriela, followed by Rafael Thomas less than two years later. This was already in addition to Alec’s daughter Ireland from his previous marriage, though given the size of their penthouse apartment, there was still plenty of room left to fill.

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Two More Tots

And so, the couple welcomed Leonardo Angel Charles (2016) and Romeo Alejandro David (2018) into the growing family fold. By 2019, Alec and Hilaria were already trying for their fifth child — then, tragedy struck.

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Hilaria’s Heartbreak

In November of that year, Hilaria took to social media to announce that she’d been pregnant for four months before miscarrying. “We also want you to know that even though we are not ok right now, we will be,” she said.

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Won’t Give Up

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Hilaria and Alec knew their family wouldn’t be complete without another bundle of joy to light up their lives. That’s why fans were thrilled when Hilaria made another dramatic announcement in April 2020.

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Lucky Number Five

She and Alec were expecting their fifth child! Five months later, Eduardo Pau Lucas was born, though with five young children to care for now, Hilaria needed all the help she could get — and she wasn’t sure she would get it.

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Juggling Act

“Everybody says, ‘Oh yeah, sure. I’m going to be with you, and I’m going to change diapers and do all these things,'” Hilaria said in an interview with But would a star as big and as busy as Alec be able to live up to her expectations?

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Fantastic Father

“[Alec’s] really great,” Hilaria revealed, “he wakes up with me every single time that [the baby] wakes up. He’s sweet.” It seemed that the actor really could balance both fame and fatherhood, but was there another part of Alec’s life the couple was leaving out?

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All In the Family

Hilaria didn’t seem to think so, as she took to Instagram in April 2019 to clear the air about her relationship with her stepdaughter, Ireland. “I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise,” she shared.

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Escaping the Past

Alec’s relationship with his first child is equally strong, though the same can’t be said of the state of affairs between he and his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger. If Alec’s marriage to Hilaria could be called a dream come true, his time with Kim was nothing short of a nightmare.

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Original Pop Romance

Before Brangelina, there was Basinger and Baldwin — two captivating actors who wound up captivating each other’s hearts back in the 90s. “My ex-wife was someone I could never imagine getting divorced from,” Alec later reflected. It was a rough beginning for their fiery marriage, but it was also a rough end.

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No Men Needed

Before they met, Kim Basinger had become more of an independent woman, building up her illustrious career after a deflating heartbreak. Her first marriage with makeup artist Ron Britton, whom she’d met on the set of her debut movie, Hard Country, didn’t end well, but that wasn’t going to stop her from living her life.

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Plans Set And Derailed

For eight years of marriage to end with pain was not easy for the actress, but she moved on to focus on her career. Kim thought that was the end of that, for the time being, but then she met Alec Baldwin. Her initial reaction toward the Hollywood hunk was somewhat surprising.

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Who Needs A Heart

As a matter of fact, Kim wanted nothing to do with relationships after the heartbreak. Her new co-star, Alec Baldwin, had other plans. After meeting her, all the fireworks went off, and he was completely lovestruck.

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Learning Love

Alec had an engagement that went south, but he didn’t know anything about being married. There was something about the rather shy and incredibly beautiful Kim Basinger that left Alec pining after her. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, even when she obviously showed disinterest.

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First Appearances

At a dinner meeting to discuss their new film The Marrying Man, Alec became awkwardly upfront about his feelings for Kim. After kissing her, Alec asked her if she wanted kids. Rightfully, Kim called him psychotic and asked him to “stick to the movie.” That arrangement didn’t last for long.

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Chemical Reaction

The co-star’s were helpless as they found themselves overwhelmed by passionate, unspoken sexual tension. The fires were lit, and it was a long back and forth between the two as a complicated romance began.

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Bright Sparks

Of course, the situation wasn’t all bad. When it became clearer that Kim and Alec were seriously dating before the mid ’90s, both the public and Kim started to see the more wholesome side of their relationship.

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High Hopes

Although Kim made it clear that marriage was still off the table, Alec stuck by her side, hoping she’d change her mind. He proved how much of a loving and supportive man he was when Kim was struggling through a low point in her life.


Forgetting Something?

It was in the spring of 1993 that Kim found herself trapped in a legal dispute over a verbal contract she apparently didn’t honor. She was supposed to star in the film Boxing Helena, but had taken another role instead. The damages owed were astounding.

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A Girlfriend In Need

Kim was ordered by an L.A. judge to pay $8.1 million. She had to declare personal bankruptcy and sell interest in land that she already paid $20 million for. When the paparazzi came for their big scoop of Kim’s despair, Alec was there to protect and support her.

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Partners In Film

While the lawsuit was underway, Alec and Kim were working on their next movie, The Getaway. When all the filming, and the trouble, was said and done, Alec asked for Kim’s hand in marriage once again. Her response would change everything.

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It’s A Love Story

It took a mess and a massive demonstration of her boyfriend’s love to make Kim realize how deeply she had fallen for Alec. She said yes to his proposal, and the wedding of the decade was on.


Worrisome Cold Feet

It wasn’t all sugar and rainbows for the engaged couple. Though the two doted on each other, there were concerns. For one thing, the wedding plans were basically handled by Alec alone, so it was still a question of how interested in marriage Kim was.

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Dream Wedding

Alec was clearly elated about the wedding with his dream girl. He gathered 90 of his family members for the ceremony. Kim only had around two guests, and some were quietly concerned if the bride to be would even attend herself.

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Here Comes The Bride

Alec made several calls asking repeatedly if Kim was going to show up. The day of the nuptials arrived, and there she was. The two had a picturesque wedding at Alec’s Long Island beach house. At that point, it all seemed like it would be a happy ending.

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Rising Heat

Warning signs soon arose when Alec unintentionally revealed a skeleton in his closet: his uncontrollable anger issues. In ’95, Alec punched celebrity photographer Alan Zanger in the nose when he was looking for a good shot of the couple returning home with their firstborn, Ireland.

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Unconditional Love

Kim had accepted Alec’s aggression, and saw it as him being passionate. She shared her positive spin with the public, but what people didn’t know was the toxic relationship the two had when no one was watching.

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Pop Surprise

Kim’s father spoke about the emotional abuse that was done to his daughter. Surprisingly enough he doesn’t feel animosity towards Alec, and Kim chose to deal with it until their daughter came into the picture.

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A Baby Changes Everything

Kim seemed fine for the most part in dealing with Alec and his hidden rage, but she didn’t want her daughter, Ireland, to see or have to go through that herself. From there, Baldwin would either have to overcome his inner demons or lose his beloved wife and daughter.

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Dying Flames

In the end, there was just no working it out. Kim was also said to not have been the best in helping Alec through much needed therapy, but more importantly, they were able to realize that they were not good together in the long run. The two began their divorce sometime in 2001.

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Back To Court

The divorce, which wasn’t easy for either of them, was followed by a child custody battle. The whole ordeal was a terrible blur for Alec, who was hurting deeply. In the end, custody was shared, but Alec would see less of his daughter.

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From The Ashes

Kim and even her father still care for Alec, who struggles to balance his kindness and his rage. In a more recent interview with People magazine, Kim shared her final thoughts on her darkened past with her ex-husband: “Life goes on.”

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