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A Supermoon, which is also the last full moon of winter, known as the Super Worm Moon, will reach its peak on Monday night and is the first of three consecutive full moon super moons in 2020; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecast.

Supermoon reaches peak Monday night

March’s Supermoon is called the Super Worm Moon, and reaches its peak or perigree – its closest point to Earth making it appear slightly larger and brighter – on Monday, March 9, right at 7:15 PM PDT. However, the moon will continue to appear full through Tuesday night.

The moniker of Super Worm Moon is derived from native tribes in the northern and eastern US, who called the last full moon of winter the “Worm Moon” after the earthworm casts which appear on the ground as it begins to thaw in springtime.

The March Supermoon will be the first of three consecutive full moon super moons in 2020. The next Supermoon peaks on April 8, followed by another Supermoon peak on May 7.

Wide swath of thunderstorms and icy rain across US

Monday, March 9 will bring a wide swath of rain and thunderstorms across the United States. Here is the outlook of various regions:

West & Northwest: Mixed precipitation will span several states across the West, Northwest and northern Rockies today, including portions of California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

Thunderstorms will span the coastlines of central and Southern California and into the southern deserts.

Snow is forecast for portions of central Colorado and south-central Wyoming.

Upper Midwest: West-central Wisconsin and northern Michigan will see freezing rain and mixed precipitation. While southern Minnesota could see some mixed precipitation and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms will also affect the southern half of Wisconsin, and most of Michigan.

Central, South, Ohio Valley: An area of mixed precipitation will extend diagonally from southwestern to northeastern Nebraska, as well as southeastern South Dakota and northwestern Iowa.

Thunderstorms will span from southern and central Texas northward into Iowa and Wisconsin, and eastward into Georgia, and North into Ohio in the Virginias.

Rain is forecast for the eastern coastline and southern regions of Florida.

Northeast: Rain is forecast for the western half of Pennsylvania, western, central and northern New York, northern Vermont and New Hampshire, while Maine will see freezing rain and mixed precipitation.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 63, Los Angeles 72, Reno 54, Las Vegas 71, Salt Lake City 57, Denver 61.

Northwest & northern Rockies: Seattle 51, Portland 57, Boise 48, Billings 45, Bismarck 34, Rapid City 49.

Southwest: Phoenix 77, Albuquerque 64, El Paso 69, San Antonio 74, Brownsville 80.

Central & upper Midwest: Lubbock 73, Dallas 75, Oklahoma City 73, Kansas City 59, Minneapolis 38, Madison 52.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 55, Detroit 61, St. Louis 59, Cincinnati 67, Indianapolis 62.

South: Houston 75, New Orleans 75, Memphis 68, Atlanta 67, Charlotte 69, Jacksonville 74, Tampa 79, Miami 74.

East: Norfolk 70, Washington, D.C. 72, Buffalo 56, New York 69, Boston 70, Bangor 28.